Nike Zoom KD III EA Sports Edition

The Nike Zoom KD III EA Sports colorway will be available today in limited quantities only at the Nike Store in Santa Monica, CA. The Santa Monica Nike Store has specific rules for how to grab a pair. Check them out below:

KD III EA Sports Wristbands will be issued for the on Thursday, February 17th @ Noon

***You may line up a half hour before noon for wristband distribution. This will be strictly enforced and anyone lining up before 11:30am will be asked to leave***

Those with wristbands can come back to attempt to buy a pair when they are released at 8pm. We ask that everyone with a wristband line up 30 minutes prior to 8pm on Thursday night so that we can organize the line numerically – we will start selling at 8pm.

ONE wristband per person.

Wristbands DO NOT guarantee a pair of shoes or guarantee a size – wristbands ONLY guarantee your spot in line for this launch on Friday.

ONE pair per person may be purchased.

EA Sports…It’s in the game.

Customize Your Own Nike Zoom KD III Shoes on Nike iD

You’ve been asking about it, and it’s finally here: The KD III is now available for customization at Nike iD. The price point is $135, about $45 more than the standard KD III colorways. However, remember you’re getting your own personalized shoe with some additional options not available on the standard KD III’s. Those options include:

*FULL Flywire (Standard KD III only comes with forefoot Flywire)

*Advanced mid-foot cushioning options (pick between cushioned or responsive)

*Ability to fade the colorways

*Custom numbering and lettering

*Tons of colors give you the ability to make something truly custom.

Customize a pair of your own KD III iD’s HERE.

Nike Zoom KD III All-Star

Here’s a sneak preview of the Nike Zoom KD III All-Star that Kevin will be wearing this Sunday at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Limited quantities of the shoe will be available at on February 17th. KD will post links to buy the shoe on his Facebook and Twitter when it drops.

Four New Colorways of the Nike Zoom KD III Available NOW

Four new colorways of Kevin’s signature Nike Zoom KD III shoes have dropped at Click on the images below to purchase!

Nike Zoom KD III MLK Day

This Monday, January 17th is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Many of the league’s Nike Basketball athletes will wear a special colorway to pay tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. King as well as the upcoming black history month (starting in February). Here’s Kevin’s Nike Zoom KD III MLK Day colorway that he’ll be wearing when he plays the Lakers on TNT on Monday.

Here’s the story behind the shoe:

· Historic Black to recall the black sneakers worn by basketball pioneers in the 1960s; bestowing the black sneaker with a magical aura.

· Modern Gold to represent pioneers’ championship call to greatness.

· Black African-American Handcraft (the woodcut texture) to celebrate classic African-American art.

No release information available as of yet, but you can pick up current available colorways of the Nike Zoom KD III HERE.

Nike Zoom KD III White/Black-Team Orange-Del Sol Colorway Available NOW!

Many KD fans have been asking when a white colorway of the Nike Zoom KD III would be available. Well that day has come. The White/Black-Team Orange-Del Sol colorway is now available in the Nike Store. This is the Colorway KD has been wearing during Thunder home games since he started wearing the KD III. Click on the photos below to purchase a pair in the Nike Store now.

Nike Zoom KD III Christmas Edition

UPDATE: The Zoom KD III Christmas colorway has hit the Nike Store. Pick up a pair HERE.

Check out the shoes KD will be wearing against the Denver Nuggets on Christmas day. The shoe plays up the yellow accents in the Thunder’s uniform that often go ignored. You can pick up a pair of the KD III Christmas colorway at on Christmas for $88. We will have a direct link to the shoes for all of you as soon as they are available. Merry Christmas!

Send in Pictures with Your KD III’s

KD’s third signature shoe, the Nike Zoom KD III, has been out for a couple of weeks now. Fans have already started sending in photos with their new KD III’s. We’ve been featuring the fan photos in the KD III sightings section of this site and on KD’s facebook page. If you have a pair of KD III’s and would like to be featured with them on KD’s website and facebook, email your pics to kd35sightings[at] If you don’t have a pair of KD III’s yet you can pick them up HERE.

Highlights from Zoom KD III Designer Leo Chang’s Facebook Chat

Yesterday, the designer of the Zoom KD line, Leo Chang, participated in a chat about the new Zoom KD III on the Nike Basketball Facebook. Here are some highlights from the chat.

*KD III is coming to Nike iD in the Spring of 2011: For those interested in customizing the KD III, this will be your opportunity to design the KD III in exactly the colorway you want. Leo hinted that there should be some other options available for customization of the KD III on Nike iD beyond just color.

*Biggest difference between the KD II and KD III: The KD III has no strap, has Flywire (Skinwire) technology and is lighter than the KD II.

*Shoe Weight: 13.5 ounces. Lighter than last year’s KD II.

*Cushioning setup: Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, Phylon midsole.

*What positions on the floor does the shoe work best for? Since Nike is aware that most of KD’s teammates like to wear the KD line, they designed the shoe to work for all 5 positions and for players as versatile as KD.

*Will the KD III’s be available in Kid sizes? Yes, in the spring of 2011.

*Why is Kevin Durant’s shoe only $88 when the Kobe and LeBron lines run over $130 each? Does it mean the shoe is inferior? KD insists Nike make his shoe at a price point under $90, so Nike has to get real creative on designing and building a shoe that can perform as well as Kobe and LeBron lines. By no means is it inferior in performance. Nike tries to pack as much punch in it as possible. They just are more efficient with their embellishments so they can focus on performance. The technology must be pretty sufficient as KD wears STOCK KD III kicks with no additional performance customizations.

*How involved was KD in the design process? KD was very involved in the design process. Nike started by asking him what he wanted in the KD III before Leo put pen to paper. KD even let teammates like Nick Collison have an influence on the design. A lot of the storytelling details were specifically requested by KD. Video game controller buttons, something that talked about his team, his family, and Seat Pleasant (his hometown). Video game controller buttons: KD is a bit obsessed with gaming! Piano keys: KD loves to make beats when he’s not hooping and playing games. WP: KD’s parents’ initials, Seat Pleasant: Seat Pleasant Rec Center is where he lived and breathed basketball as a kid. The 5 thunder bolts: TEAM…he’s so tight with his team that he wanted us to find a way to symbolize that. Performance wise he’s all about having a lightweight, comfort, sleek conforming fit.

*Will the KD line remain under $90 in the future? Yes, as long KD wants to keep his signature shoe under $90, Nike will oblige. KD wants everyone to be able to afford his shoes! It’s something he’s always dreamed of.

*Will there be a creamsicle colorway? Yes, but it won’t be the orange version that he wore last year with the KD II. Leo was tight lipped about the actual colorway, but mentioned KD will wear the colorway on Christmas day. There will also at least be 7 different colorways released, with some additional player edition/special edition colorways released at the Footlocker House of Hoops.

Make sure you pick up a pair of Zoom KD III kicks here.

Chat with Zoom KD III Designer Leo Chang on Facebook

Leo Chang, designer of the new Nike Zoom KD III will be on Nike Basketball’s Facebook today at 6pm EST time taking fan questions about KD’s new Nike Zoom KD III signature shoe. Join Leo today at to discuss all things KD III. And if you haven’t picked up a pair of KD III’s yet, pick them up in the Nike Store.

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