Kevin Durant Holds His 2nd ‘Find My Backpack’ Contest

KD held another “find my backpack” contest over the weekend. This time the backpack was dropped at Nike Santa Monica. The first person to find the Nike representative in the Basketball Never Stops T-Shirt with KD’s backpack was @Peiman5 on twitter.

@Peiman5 got to keep the contents of the backpack and will also have a pair of the limited Nerf KD IV colorway sent his way. Make sure you keep following KD and Nike Basketball on Twitter for info on when KD will have his next “Find my Backpack” contest.

Kevin Durant Launches ‘Find My Backpack’ Twitter Campaign

This past weekend, KD launched his “find my backpack” campaign with Nike Basketball. Throughout the season, KD and Nike Basketball will be dropping KD backpacks at markets across the country. When KD announces a drop off point, the first person to find the backpack and follow the attached instructions gets to keep the contents of the backpack and have a pair of one of the limited edition Nike Zoom KD IV colorways (Nerfs, Coppers, etc) sent their way.

The first drop was in New York city, and the winner of the contest was @msilber29. He gets to keep the KD backpack as well as the Nike Basketball Never Stops T-Shirt and Skullcandy Headphones found in the backpack. He’ll also have a pair of Nike Zoom KD IV ‘Nerf’ colorway sent his way.

Make sure you follow KD and Nike Basketball on twitter to find out where the next backpack drop will be. Your city could be next!

Twitter Selects Kevin Durant’s Flag Football Game With Followers as Top 10 Twitter Story of 2011

Twitter has named KD playing flag football with some of his twitter followers at Oklahoma State University as one of the Top 10 “Twitter Stories” of 2011. Read more about it here.

Kevin Durant Plays Intramural Flag Football with Oklahoma State Students

Early Monday afternoon, KD tweeted something about being bored and wanting to play flag football. Immediately, an Oklahoma State student named George Overbey replied to KD with a intramural game invite. The next thing you know, the NBA’s leading scorer is down in Stillwater doing his best Michael Vick impersonation with a bunch of co-eds. Have you ever seen a 6’10″ quarterback before?

Kevin recorded 4 touchdowns as a QB and did his best Deion Sanders impersonation on defense by securing 3 interceptions.


Kevin Durant Wears Twitter Fan Designed Nike Zoom KD III in Game 5 Against the Grizzlies

Check out the Nike Zoom KD III Kevin wore in game 5 against the Grizzlies on Wednesday night. The custom NIKE iD colorway of the shoe was designed by one of his twitter followers and personally hand picked by KD to wear during one of his home playoff games. You can customize your own pair of Nike Zoom KD III shoes on NIKE iD HERE or by clicking on the photos below:

Kevin Durant Skullcandy Twitter Contest Winner

A few weeks ago, KD held a twitter contest to giveaway some custom made KD SkullCandy RocNation Aviators. The custom headphones featuring KD’s logo are one of only two pair ever made (KD has the other pair). Check out the lucky winner with his headphones below.

Kevin Durant Hosts NBA Jam Twitter Giveaway

With the release of NBA Jam, KD spent his off day on Tuesday giving away copies of Jam to his fans on Twitter. Part of the contest had fans send KD their best photo of their “Dunkface”. Here are some of the photos from the contest:

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Kevin Durant Buys Twitter/Facebook Follower a Pair of Shoes

We’ve seen KD give away game tickets and shoes to fans on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s another great story of KD interacting with fans via his social media pages. This time he ended up buying a fan a pair of shoes at the Potomac Mills Mall. Here’s the story from one of KD’s fans named Brandon:

It was just a regular day, but then I saw posts on Kevin Durant’s Facebook and Twitter saying that he was going to be heading to the Potamac Mills Mall and for fans to come say what’s up to him. I immediately called everyone on my contact list that had a car, but no one had time to drive me. Finally I was able to get my cousin’s friend to take me and my two cousins to the mall. My cousin and her friend went shopping while my other cousin and I went to eat and look for Kevin Durant.

We couldn’t find KD, so we decided to wait for him outside the Nike store. He didn’t show up, so we decided to go look for him at another store. While we were walking I saw KD walking toward us. My cousin didn’t believe me until I actually went up to him. I asked for an autograph and he signed my basketball.

On his Facebook and Twitter, he said that if anyone saw him and asked him, he would get them a pair of basketball shoes. So I asked him for shoes….and he actually got me shoes! We were in Finish Line for 30 minutes with KD and his friends helping me look for the shoes I wanted. He ended up buying me a pair of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse USAB editions that he’s wearing in FIBA World Championships this summer. Thanks for everything, KD!

KD continues to prove why he is one of the most down to earth, fan friendly athletes out there. So if you’re not following him already, make sure you add him on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy your kicks Brandon!

-Team KD

Welcome to My Blog!


What’s good fans? Welcome to my personal blog. This is my first blog post! I’m going to keep you guys updated on what’s going on with me on and off the court, so enjoy and keep coming back.

I am a big fan of Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It’s a lot of fun being social with everybody who is a basketball fan, who loves to watch us play and loves to watch me play. That’s why I do this. It’s pretty cool just to meet some of the people I’ve met so far on Twitter and Facebook. There’s just a lot of great basketball fans who respect the game and really know me as a player.

43667248I’ve already given away some shoes and Nike care packages on Twitter to fans that answered trivia questions about me, and that was a lot of fun. It’s just something I wanted to do…I was in a giving mood, and it’s always good to give back to the fans.

Right now we’re on another road trip. We just played Kobe and the Lakers on Sunday (Tough loss!). Now we’re in Utah for a game against the Jazz on Tuesday.

We’ve been on the road a lot this season, which has been one of our first tests — how to get through long road trips. We’ve already played in San Antonio, Sacramento, L.A., Miami and Orlando.

Our last trip was very rewarding for us. There were some ups and downs on the trip, but we learned a lot. We learned how to handle six games in nine nights. Remember, we’re all still young guys learning how to go through that. We won a couple, we lost a couple. It was a good learning experience.

For those who want to know what I like to do on road trips, I spend most of my time listening to a lot of music, watching a lot of movies and just playing video games. I’m kind of basic. I don’t go really go out too much. I go to the malls here and there, but most of the time I play music, listen to music, make my own music and watch TV.

thumb.phpBut actually when we were in Miami, me and the guys went to a restaurant there called Prime 112 and they had a dessert there called fried Oreos — one of the best dishes I’ve ever had. It was very, very good. If you’ve ever had them, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hopefully I’ll go back down there to get some more of those.

When we’re on the road I usually go out to eat wherever the guys want to go. We usually just go to the mall or go to the movies, so we just pick a place that’s close by. We never plan out where we’re going to eat. If we see a place that we like we’ll just go there. I like to eat a lot of pastas, like from the Cheesecake Factory. We go there a lot. Actually, I think that’s a main place we go to on every road trip.

That place is so good, we just can’t stay away. The strawberry lemonade, the stuffed tortillas…Me and Russ always get that.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope this lets you in on a little bit about me. I’ll have another post for you later this week.


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