Kevin Durant and James Harden Dazzle the Philippines

Recently KD, traveled to the Philippines to play in a couple of exhibition games with some fellow NBA players. Some of the players that participated in the game with KD included Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and KD’s own teammate James Harden. Here’s a highlight play between KD and James that set the crowd on fire!

Video from my last two days in China


What’s good everyone? I’m back in the States after a six day, four city tour of China…but here’s some footage of the last two day of my tour. Stops in Tianjin and Beijing. Shout out to China and all of the basketball fans there for all of the love they showed me on my tour.


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Nike Kevin Durant China Tour 2011: Day 5 in Tianjin

On the afternoon of July 12, Kevin Durant visited Tianjin People’s Stadium to meet, share stories, and play basketball with local hoops players and fans. In his very first visit to the city, Durant also met with volunteers from the GameChangers program and encouraged them to keep up their efforts to help the disadvantaged by using sports to give back to the community.

At this third stop of his 2011 tour, more than 1,600 basketball fans packed the stadium to meet Durant. He watched an Under 19 regional final of Baller’s Network Summer Basketball Tournament and presented awards to the champions who will also have the chance to participate in All-Star training camps and the Greater China Tournament of Champions in Shanghai in August.

As part his visit to Tianjin, Durant saluted the efforts of a GameChangers program volunteer team from Fudan University for their innovative community project for poor rural children. The team received a grant from Nike and China Youth Development Foundation to use sport to challenge rural schools students in Gansu Province to pursue their dreams. They spent three days at the county’s only primary school, teaching and hosting sports and arts activities for the children.

Previously in the day, Durant attended Nankai High School for a basketball skills clinic and also visited Sheng’ao Nike Store in Tianjin where he judged NIKEiD shoe designs submitted by local youth.

Video from my time in Guangzhou


Still on tour in China with my Nike Basketball family. Check out this video from my first two days there in an area called Guangzhou.


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Nike Kevin Durant China Tour 2011: Day 3 in Wuhan

On the evening of July 10th at Wuhan’s iconic Jiang Tan Park, “Nike Sports Night” brought together Li Na, Asia’s first Grand Slam winner, and basketball superstar Kevin Durant together. They shared their JUST DO IT stories to the 2,000 fans and young players in attendance.

At this celebration of the power of sports, Kevin Durant shared his story on how he turned years of hard work into a lifetime glory while Li Na spoke about her road to success by using sports to succeed. Both athletes encouraged young people to take up sport to achieve their dreams.

Previously in the evening, Li Na greeted 600 female runners and flagged off the Nike Lunar Run 2011. Immediately after Li Na joined Jiang Shan to appear at the Tennis Training arena where she showcased her Grand Slam trophy and conducted a tennis clinic for 30 children between 8 to 12 years old. Besides sharing tips with young tennis players, the hometown hero also shared how she chose sports to overcome challenges in order to achieve great success.

Nike Kevin Durant China Tour 2011: Day 2 in Guangzhou

On the morning of July 9th, Durant visited South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou and trained 64 young players that qualified for the Baller’s Network Summer Basketball Tournament Guangzhou Clinic, helping them improve their skills and training this summer. During the one-hour clinic, Durant taught players his signature moves and emphasized the importance of training. Durant coached and corrected players with one-on-one instruction. At the end of the clinic, he spoke on the key points of the clinic and encouraged the players to use sports to turn years of practice into glory.

Durant concluded his second day in Guangzhou with a visit Tianhe Sports Centre and join the Hoops Summer Nights. KD spent time during the event with more than 1,000 fans by watching outdoor basketball games, participating in drills and competing with fans in basketball video games. That concludes Durant’s trip to Guangzhou. Now off to Wuhan, China.

Nike Kevin Durant China Tour 2011: Day 1 in Guangzhou

On July 8, Kevin Durant, in his first visit to Guangzhou, China visited Jinan University to meet and share his basketball stories with passionate local basketball fans. Durant also met with volunteers from the GameChangers program and encouraged them to keep up their efforts to help the disadvantaged by using sports to give back to the community.

During this first stop of his 2011 tour, more than 2,000 fans packed Jinan University stadium to meet Durant. He watched an Under 19 regional final of Baller’s Network Summer Basketball Tournament and presented awards to the champions who will also have the chance to participate in All-Star training camps and the Greater China Tournament of Champions in Shanghai in August.

As part his visit to Guangzhou, Kevin Durant saluted the efforts of a volunteer team from Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College for their community project under the GameChangers program. The team received a grant from Nike and the China Youth Development Foundation to use sport to raise awareness about pollution in the Wen Rui Tang. They hosted a basketball tournament and other sports activities at seven area universities using these events as a platform to raise awareness among 1,500 students about the seriousness of the pollution and how to help clean it up. Durant gave the volunteers encouragement for using sports to change the world and to give back to the community.

I’m in China!


What’s good folks? I’m out here in China for a 4 city tour with Nike Basketball. Before we got to mainland China for the tour we stopped in Hong Kong for a little bit. No joke, I went out to a night club our one night there and guys there had a ping pong table set up in the middle of the club. They were going at it tough too! lol

We then took a train to Guangzhou to start my Nike tour. On the train ride, we met some very nice people. One fan on the train had a KD shirt on and gave me a gift. Still amazed at how global our game is!

The train ride wasn’t too bad at all. I had my phone, computer and my headphones, so I was able to listen to music and talk on twitter with my fans. I also have my good friends Randy and Charlie with me, so that’s been good too. Only bad thing is that all of us are scared to go to sleep. We have this rule that the first person that falls asleep gets water thrown on them. No one wants to be the victim of that lol.

When we got to Guangzhou I did some media and store appearances. We also officially released the KD III scoring champ there. I’m not sure when/if the shoe is being released in other countries, but I’ll keep y’all posted!

If you’re out in China you can keep up with my tour on my Sina Weibo and Nike Basketball’s RenRen, Hoop China and Baller’s Network pages. If you’re in the states and can’t read Mandarin, I’ll have some videos and pictures of my trip up on the site for y’all later.


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Oklahoman: Kevin Durant keeps his Nike signature shoes affordable

Kevin Durant never had the latest and most expensive shoes when he was growing up. And he’s hasn’t forgotten that about what that was like.

Durant remembers having three pairs of shoes when he was a teenager and having one pair that he wore all around Seat Pleasant, Md.

“We couldn’t afford the Pennys, the Pippens, the Jordans,” Durant told The Oklahoman on Thursday. “I had one pair of Team Jordan’s, and I wore them everywhere. I hooped in them, played football in them. I had some Shaqs from K-Mart and a pair of Tim Duncans. But I couldn’t get a bunch of different ones like I wanted.”

Durant’s memory of not being able to have the shoes he wanted had a big impact when it came time to price his own line of shoes.

While NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have shoe lines that cost around $150, Durant offers his Nike KD line at $88. His shoe has become one of the most popular on the market.


A Look at Kevin Durant’s 2011 Nike Skills Academy

KD just wrapped up working with some of the top high school and collegiate level prospects in the country at his 2nd annual Nike Skills Academy in Chicago. This camp isn’t just a vanity play for KD. He truly believes in his favorite quote “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”, and took this opportunity to convey that work ethic to the prospects at the camp. True to form, KD participated in nearly every drill with the players at his own Skills Academy.

Here’s some of the insights Kevin gave some of the prospects attending the camp:

“Play the game as low as possible. Staying low will get you past your defender quicker and get you a better shot.”

“I always work on my midrange game. Having an outside shot, a midrange and a close to the basket game make you versatile.”

The players at the skills academy were also treated to coaching advice from some of the top coaches in the country. Here are some insights from some of those coaches during the camp:

“The best thing you can do on offense with the ball is get the defender out of his stance by using a shot, foot or head fake.” – Dee Brown

“NOTHING good happens when you jump to make a pass. Nothing! Don’t develop that bad habit. Passing is about timing & angles!” – Alan Stein

“KD Skills Academy theme for tonite’s workout: find something to SEPARATE yourself from the pack. Defense? Enthusiasm? Hustle? What’ll it be?” – Alan Stein

“On a screen you want to create separation. Read the defender and stay low past your screener on your dribble move.” – Dee Brown

“Physical talent versus mental talent. Mental talent is the ability to do things when you don’t want to do them.” – Kevin Eastman

“KD [campers] also working on tightening up their handle on the perimeter – moves to the hoop, pick & rolls. No wasted dribbles = efficient!” – Alan Stein

“Your eyes make plays. Focus and keep your eyes up at the rim on every move to the basket for a strong finish.” – Kevin Eastman

Here’s a list of prospects that attended the event:

Durant Skills Academy High School Roster
Name / Ht. / Wt. / Wingspan / Hometown / Class

Rosco Allen / 6-9 / 190 / 6-8 / Henderson, NV / 2012
Kyle Anderson / 6-9 / 226 / 7-2 / North Bergen, NJ / 2012
Justin Anderson / 6-6 / 222 / 6-11 / Montross, VA / 2012
Cameron Biedscheid / 6-7 / 173 / 6-8 / St. Louis, MO / 2012
Keith Frazier / 6-6 / 188 / 6-6 / Irving, TX / 2013
Savon Goodman / 6-6 / 211 / 6-9 / Willowgrove, PA / 2012
Jerami Grant / 6-8 / 196 / 7-2 / Hyattsville, MD / 2012
Gary Harris / 6-6 / 198 / 6-7 / Fishers, IN / 2012
Aaron Harrison / 6-6 / 200 / 6-8 / Richmond, TX / 2013
Danuel House / 6-7 / 183 / 6-8 / Fresno, TX / 2012
Marcus Hunt / 6-6 / 214 / 6-8 / Riverdale, GA / 2012
Amile Jefferson / 6-9 / 197 / 7-0 / Philadelphia, PA / 2012
Shaquille Johnson / 6-5 / 199 / 6-6 / Alpharetta, GA / 2012
Kenny Kaminski / 6-8 / 246 / 6-8 / Medina, OH / 2012
Danrad Knowles / 6-11 / 179 / 7-0 / Missouri City, TX / 2012
Ricardo Ledo / 6-6 / 193 / 6-7 / Providence, RI / 2012
Arnaud Moto / 6-6 / 218 / 7-0 / Alexandria, VA / 2012
Evan Nolte / 6-8 / 195 / 6-9 / Milton, GA / 2012
Jabari Parker / 6-9 / 222 / 6-11 / Chicago, IL / 2013
Devonte Pollard / 6-8 / 192 / 6-10 / Porterville, MS / 2012
Alexander Poythress / 6-8 / 213 / 7-0 / Clarksville, TN / 2012
Jordan Price / 6-6 / 221 / 6-7 / Decatur, GA / 2012
Katin Reinhardt / 6-5 / 193 / 6-5 / Dana Point, CA / 2012
Aaron Roundtree / 6-7 / 173 / 6-11 / Pikeville, NC / 2012
Steve Taylor / 6-9 / 208 / 6-11 / Chicago, IL / 2012
JP Tokoto / 6-7 / 185 / 6-9 / Mencryonee Falls, WI / 2012
TJ Warren / 6-9 / 230 / 6-9 / Durham, NC / 2012
Troy Williams / 6-7 / 195 / 6-8 / Hampton, VA / 2013
Damien Wilson / 6-6 / 188 / 6-7 / Douglasville, GA / 2012

Durant Skills Academy College Roster
Name / Ht. / Wt. / Wingspan / Hometown / College / Class

Harrison Barnes / 6-9 / 223 / 6-11 / Ames, IA / North Carolina / SO
Bradford Burgess / 6-6 / 216 / 6-9 / Richmond, VA / VCU / SO
Chris Johnson / 6-5 / 194 / 6-9 / Orlando, FL / Dayton / SR
Orlando Johnson / 6-5 / 231 / 6-11 / Goleta, CA / UCSB / SR
Darius Johnson-Odom / 6’3 / 214 / 6-6 / Raleigh, NC / Marquette / JR
Terrence Jones / 6-9 / 249 / 7-2 / Portland, OR / Kentucky / SO
Doron Lamb / 6-5 / 204 / 6-7 / Laurelton, NY / Kentucky / FR
Khris Middleton / 6’8 / 211 / 6-10 / North Charleston, SC / Texas A&M / JR
Darius Miller / 6-7 / 238 / 6-9 / Maysville, KY / Kentucky / JR
Tony Mitchell / 6’7 / 221 / 6-10 / Swainsboro, GA / Alabama / SO
Dominique Morrison / 6-6 / 218 / 6-9 / Raytown, MO / Oral Roberts / SR
Darrion Pellum / 6-8 / 207 / 6-9 / Newport News, VA / Hampton / SR
Austin Rivers / 6-5 / 203 / 6-7 / Winterpark, FL / Duke / FR
Terrence Ross / 6-7 / 197 / 6-7 / Vancouver, WA / Washington / SO
Jeffery Taylor / 6-7 / 226 / 6-6 / Nashville, TN / Vanderbilt / JR
Christian Watford / 6-8 / 229 / 7-0 / Bloomington, IN / Indiana / JR
Rodney Williams Jr. / 6-7 / 204 / 6-10 / Robbinsdale, MN / Minnesota / JR
Trey Ziegler III / 6-5 / 196 / 6-9 / Mt. Pleasant, MI / Central Michigan / SO

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