Kevin Durant Player Edition Nike Zoom Hyperfuse (Thunder Colorway)

Check out the KD edition of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse. The shoes are in the Thunder home colorway and include KD’s logo. KD is no stranger to the Hyperfuse line, as he wore the Team USA edition of the shoes during the 2010 FIBA World Championship tournament. KD will be switching to his signature Zoom KD III shoes in December, but until then he will be wearing these joints.

Video: Kevin Durant Talks About the Meaning Behind the Names and Numbers He Writes on His Shoes

During the FIBA World Championship tournament, KD has been writing various names and numbers on his USAB Edition Nike Zoom Hyperfuse shoes. Check out this video where KD tells us the meaning behind all of the names and numbers he’s been writing on his shoes during the FIBA World Championship.

Kevin Durant Buys Twitter/Facebook Follower a Pair of Shoes

We’ve seen KD give away game tickets and shoes to fans on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s another great story of KD interacting with fans via his social media pages. This time he ended up buying a fan a pair of shoes at the Potomac Mills Mall. Here’s the story from one of KD’s fans named Brandon:

It was just a regular day, but then I saw posts on Kevin Durant’s Facebook and Twitter saying that he was going to be heading to the Potamac Mills Mall and for fans to come say what’s up to him. I immediately called everyone on my contact list that had a car, but no one had time to drive me. Finally I was able to get my cousin’s friend to take me and my two cousins to the mall. My cousin and her friend went shopping while my other cousin and I went to eat and look for Kevin Durant.

We couldn’t find KD, so we decided to wait for him outside the Nike store. He didn’t show up, so we decided to go look for him at another store. While we were walking I saw KD walking toward us. My cousin didn’t believe me until I actually went up to him. I asked for an autograph and he signed my basketball.

On his Facebook and Twitter, he said that if anyone saw him and asked him, he would get them a pair of basketball shoes. So I asked him for shoes….and he actually got me shoes! We were in Finish Line for 30 minutes with KD and his friends helping me look for the shoes I wanted. He ended up buying me a pair of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse USAB editions that he’s wearing in FIBA World Championships this summer. Thanks for everything, KD!

KD continues to prove why he is one of the most down to earth, fan friendly athletes out there. So if you’re not following him already, make sure you add him on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy your kicks Brandon!

-Team KD

Kevin Durant Wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse with Team USA

This summer, Kevin Durant and many of his USA Basketball teammates will be wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse USAB Colorway. Check out some photos of KD’s customized Zoom Hyperfuse.

And here’s KD wearing the Zoom Hyperfuse during USA Basketball’s Showcase in Las Vegas last month

For more information on the Zoom Hyperfuse Check out this video:

Pick up a pair of Nike Zoom Hyperfuse in various colorways HERE.


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