Kevin Durant Has Developed the Dirk Nowitzki One Legged Fadeaway

KD has been working on several new moves this summer. One of them is a one legged fadeaway made most famous by Dirk Nowitzki. Here’s a look at the move KD pulled against the Mavs in the Thunder’s preseason opener:

Now here’s a look at the move from the originator, Dirk.

Looks like KD captured the move pretty accurately. After the game, KD talked to The Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry about his new Dirk move:

“Yeah, he’s the originator,” Durant said laughing. “I stole that from him a little bit. I’m not as good as he is at it. But I’ve been working on it, and it was the perfect time for me to do that with the defender playing the way he was playing. I’m glad I made it. I thought it was going to be an air-ball.”

Stay tuned and see what other new moves KD added to his repertoire this offseason.

What Does Basketball Never Stops Mean to Kevin Durant

Hear what Basketball Never Stops means to KD, LeBron, Amar’e, Dirk, Sue Bird, Coach K, Questlove, and J. Cole.

Kevin Durant Stars in Nike Basketball’s New Basketball Never Stops Commercial

KD joined fellow Nike Basketball stars Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Sue Bird and Amare Stoudemire in the new Nike Basketball “Basketball Never Stops” campaign.

Despite the NBA lockout, KD has been seeding the idea of “Basketball Never Stops” by participating in pro-ams and charity games for fans across the globe the entire off-season.

Musicians Questlove and J Cole also star in the spot.

Video: Kevin Durant Not Happy for Dirk Nowitzki

Always the competitor, listen to what Kevin Durant had to say after his team’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 Western Conference Finals:

(Via Daily Thunder)

A Look at Kevin Durant’s Western Conference Finals, Game 5 Performance

One by one, from DeShawn Stevenson to Dirk Nowitzki to Jason Kidd to Shawn Marion, they each pulled Kevin Durant in close for a parting message. What was said will remain between Durant and each of his opponents. What was said was greeted by a nearly despondent Durant, who was seconds removed from the Thunder’s 100-96 season-ending loss in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals.

By the time he got to the podium for the post-game press conference, Durant was composed and reflective, complimentary toward his teammates and blunt with his emotions.

“This is a different feeling,” Durant said. “To be honest all of us expected to go far. We had high expectations for us going into this year and we knew we worked hard enough.”

For the second straight game, the Thunder surrendered a late lead against the veteran Mavericks team, who are headed to the NBA Finals for the second time in franchise history. But the Thunder didn’t suffer such a drastic collapse as it did in Game 4. With a smaller, faster lineup on the floor for the better part of the fourth quarter, Oklahoma City did not let the Mavs seize control until the very end.

Durant, who again faced a plethora of defenders, capped his second postseason with 23 points on 8-for-20 shooting, nine rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Some might argue that this is a rite of passage for the young superstar and his equally as young teammates, that these hard times are part of the learning process which all budding championship contenders must go through before reaching the summit.

Mistakes were made and lessons will be learned, yet when they’ll be put to good use remains unknown. But if we know anything, it’s that the level-headed Durant and his band-of-brother teammates will want to be quick to apply all of the experiences they’ve gained come the start of next season. They’ve come so far in so little time that it would be unwise to put anything past KD and the Thunder in the not-so-distant future.

Durant, for one, left the floor heartbroken but motivated. Beneath the glum face and slumped shoulders, there was an awareness to the celebration that transpired before him. It’s a desirable place to be. It’s why KD and his teammates play the game.

And it’s why Durant, sitting in that press conference, still exuded a raw competitiveness despite the fact his season was over. As kind-hearted of a person Durant is, and as respectful he is toward his peers, the Thunder captain strives to become synonymous with winning every step of the way. When Durant was asked, deep down inside, if he could feel good for Dirk Nowitzki, who after all these years will make a return trip to the NBA Finals, Durant did not take the high road.

Instead of giving a soundbite for what is sure to become the feel-good story of the Finals, Durant kept it real. He remained true to his feelings and to everything he stands for.

“I’m not happy at all,” Durant deadpanned. “I’m a competitor. I really don’t care what he’s been through the last three or four years…..I’m not happy for him at all because I want to be there. But it happens like that.”

For now, at least.

“I don’t know how soon we’re going to get there,” Thunder head coach Scott Brooks said of the NBA Finals. “But I can tell you this: guys are not going to hope to get there. They’re going to work to get there….We have a good future if our mindset is in the right place.”

My Thoughts on 2010 Free Agency


What’s going on everyone? I’m still out in China with Nike Basketball. I’m gonna give a more detailed update when I get back, but I had to mention my basketball clinic at the base of the Great Wall of China. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be participating in something like that.

Here are some more photos from the trip so far.

Man, I can’t keep up with all the free agency talk and speculation. It’s all a big guessing game and we’re still weeks away! Really, it doesn’t come as a surprise because this is going to be one of the biggest years for free agents in a long time. Even my grandma is asking about it!

Obviously you’ve got arguably the best player in the game, LeBron James, set to be a free agent and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki right up there as well. There’s a lot of guys who are going to be free agents this summer that everyone’s going to want on their teams, but not just the big names. There’s Matt Barnes, Jason Kapono, Kyle Korver, guys like that. And you really can’t overlook those guys.

It’s going to be interesting to see where everyone go. With so many free agents it’s kind of like a video game, just choosing guys you want on your team. It should be fun to watch and when you throw the draft in there it should be an entertaining summer all around. You just never know what’s going to happen, where LeBron might go or if he and D-Wade are going to team up or if three of them might team up, so you never know.

As a player I’m going to look to see where those guys are going and then say something like, ‘well we’ve played those guys four times and now we’ll only see them twice.’ So as players we’re all anxious to see where everyone’s going to go.

As far as my take on where some players might end up, I think D-Wade is going to stay in Miami, I think Bosh will go join him in Miami and I think with LeBron… it’s either Chicago or Cleveland. Now, that’s just what I think. Just my guesses. Of course, you never know.

And I know all of you have your own opinions and theories on where players will end up, so let me know what’s on your mind in my comments section.

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