Kevin Durant Holds His 2nd ‘Find My Backpack’ Contest

KD held another “find my backpack” contest over the weekend. This time the backpack was dropped at Nike Santa Monica. The first person to find the Nike representative in the Basketball Never Stops T-Shirt with KD’s backpack was @Peiman5 on twitter.

@Peiman5 got to keep the contents of the backpack and will also have a pair of the limited Nerf KD IV colorway sent his way. Make sure you keep following KD and Nike Basketball on Twitter for info on when KD will have his next “Find my Backpack” contest.

Kevin Durant Launches ‘Find My Backpack’ Twitter Campaign

This past weekend, KD launched his “find my backpack” campaign with Nike Basketball. Throughout the season, KD and Nike Basketball will be dropping KD backpacks at markets across the country. When KD announces a drop off point, the first person to find the backpack and follow the attached instructions gets to keep the contents of the backpack and have a pair of one of the limited edition Nike Zoom KD IV colorways (Nerfs, Coppers, etc) sent their way.

The first drop was in New York city, and the winner of the contest was @msilber29. He gets to keep the KD backpack as well as the Nike Basketball Never Stops T-Shirt and Skullcandy Headphones found in the backpack. He’ll also have a pair of Nike Zoom KD IV ‘Nerf’ colorway sent his way.

Make sure you follow KD and Nike Basketball on twitter to find out where the next backpack drop will be. Your city could be next!

Wall Street Journal: Kevin Durant’s Backpack Emerges as an Improbable Postseason Star

If the Oklahoma City Thunder can’t beat the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday night, it will be knocked out of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals. A loss also would end a compelling run by one of the postseason’s most improbable stars.

We’re referring, of course, to Kevin Durant’s backpack.

Durant, Oklahoma City’s standout forward, created a phenomenon when he began wearing his knapsack to postgame press conferences this month. Not only does Durant fasten the backpack’s straps around his chest, he also has a habit of buttoning his shirt all the way to the very top—nerd chic at its most blatant. The clean-cut Durant looks more like an eighth-grader shuffling his way to social studies than a 22-year-old multimillionaire who led the league in scoring.

Durant has said this was never about making a fashion statement. He simply wanted to be able to make a quick escape to the team bus after meeting with the media—and to have easy access to his Bible, which he carries with him.


Yahoo: Durant carries superstar credentials in backpack

OKLAHOMA CITY – Kevin Durant(notes) ran a brush over his head one last time then pulled the straps tight on his backpack. This was a new selection from Durant’s apparently vast collection of book bags – gray with the initials “K.D.” printed on the back – and teammate Eric Maynor(notes) was needling him about its contents. Two pairs of pants and one pair of Gucci shoes was Maynor’s guess.

Durant smiled, but offered no confirmation. “I always gotta have my backpack,” he said before walking out the locker room doors. Watching Durant in moments like this – long-sleeved shirt buttoned to his chin, book bag strapped to his back – it’s easy to wonder:

Is he going to the Western Conference finals or social studies class?

This is part of Durant’s charm. He’s the assassin who walks away from his kill sipping a carton of chocolate milk. He’d just scored 39 points to end the Memphis Grizzlies’ season in a Game 7 performance so smooth he probably didn’t need a shower … and 30 minutes later he’s dressed like a sixth-grader.


Kevin Durant Finally Tells us What’s in his Backpack

Believe it or not, one of the hottest topics during the NBA playoffs has been the backpack that Kevin wears to post-game press conferences. What does he have in there? Here’s what he told reporters after Game 5 in OKC on Wednesday.


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