Getting Ready For All-Star Saturday


What’s good everybody? Man, this has been a busy few days for me out here in L.A. and it’s about to get crazier tonight.

My Thunder teammates and I are going to do our best to represent well tonight. Russ is in the Skills Challenge and then I’ll be in the 3-Point shoot out and will also help Serge in the Dunk Contest.

I really hope people are excited to watch Serge because you might be surprised with what he can do. He’s got some things up his sleeve that are going to help him and put him in a position to maybe win it. We’ll see. I’m excited for him. This is an opportunity for him to get his name out there a little more. People are still in the dark about who he is and the type of athleticism he has. He’s going to showcase a lot. I think he’ll show his personality, too. He’s a funny guy. He’s a guy that’s real energetic and hopefully that shows.

About the 3-Point Contest, well don’t worry about me. I talked to Daequan Cook, who won the event two years ago. He told me to take my time. I tried it at first and I was rushing my shots because I didn’t want to lose time. He told me to just take my time because going through those racks isn’t going to take the full 60 seconds so I’m just going to go out there and shoot my shot, have fun and enjoy it. That’s all I want to do.

I’m not nervous, though. It’s basketball at the end of the day. I’m just shooting jump shots. Hopefully I do a good job, but if I don’t I really appreciate the opportunity and will enjoy the experience.

Wish me luck!


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