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  • victor gomez

    u r my fav player keep up the good work GO!!!!! OKC thunder

  • jbwfnk

    Hello Kevin, do you have any musical projects you are currently working on?

  • Mahogany black

    I think the OKC Thunder are the best of the best!!!!! I love OKC!!!!!

  • Teresa

    Hey kevin my Nephew have a new club down in oklahoma city you might know him his name is Dj dresongz go check him out give him your support! Called “The Spot”

  • kkdoingitbig35

    Hey KD I’m one of your biggest fans and just wanted to say that i really admire how humble you are and think you’re one of the greatest basketball players of all times and you’re really cute to. Keep up the hard-work and God bless you.

  • David Prince

    Hey Mr. Durant I personally want to say what a great role model you are for me and you have shown me even when your a superstar, God, family, and friends are what most important to you. I’ll keep praying for you man. I hope you and Derrick Rose become close friends because you two are my favorite players. Keep bring him glory man!

  • aleeke murray

    whats up bro, ur my fav player and I Practicing to be half the player u are

  • Moustafa

    Kevin Durant….The True MVP. You are the essence of basketball and I will always root for you and the Thunder…I know we will get this championship this year…God be with you guys…

  • Hughston Finklea

    the best player ever kevin durant!!! team#okc team#kd Team#hf im the next kd The1AndOnly

  • Hughston Finklea

    im the biggest Kd fan i dnt care u says there a bigger fan than me cuz the no Team#kd

  • Hughston Finklea

    KD and D-Rose are the best players if yall were on the team yall would go 82 and 0 and win the championship

  • DJ Manda

    Hey KD u my biggest fan I admire the way u are a humble person hope u follow me back on twitter keep up the good work I’m. Always watching all ya games an keep up on those 3′s that’s all I need from u an ya u are a cutie

  • Stupid

    Hello Kevin durant!

  • Stuipid

    : )

  • Stuipid

    Screw u

  • Stuipid

    Not screw u nvm

  • Cody Sharp

    hey Kevin i a am a big fan good luck on your next game from, junction city

  • vanessa

    kevin your awesome…. ilove you so much mwah

  • stuipid


  • Karen sigmund

    Last night while my husband was talking to his son, his son asked if we could look for Kevin Durant shoes because his son,Dante absolutely adores you and wanted to wear your Nikes when basketball started. They live in Pennsylvania and we live in Florida. Well, I am a shopaholic and love a challenge. First I wanted to see what they looked like so I went into a store appropriately named Kevin Durant Shoes official online store.
    I was stunned to see all the styles that were available.
    I had Dante log onto the sight so he could pick out the ones he wanted. After checking that they were available I proceeded to order them. He was so excited and I was so thrilled that I was the one who found them. When I rechecked my order it showed I had ordered three pairs. From this point everything went downhill. I wanted to call the company and there was no phone number. I sent an e-mail and it did not go through.
    I checked the charge on my online banking statement and the charge was for more $$$ and the listing was for a different company. When I searched that company, the google search revealed that this was a sight that took in money for a company in China that takes money but, never delivers.
    I will dispute the charge and will not have to pay it (I hope). I am writing to you in hopes,that you can warn your fans about this sight. I do not want them to rake in millions from unsuspecting people. I learned very quickly, if it looks to good to be real, then it is. I am only a step-grandma who only tried to make her grandchild happy, only to disappoint him in the end. I do not want this to happen to happen to anyone else.
    Thanks for listening.. If you want any more information I am on fB .

  • kD5

    Hi Kevin Durant you are my favorite player :

  • Julie

    Kevin, stay with Jesus. He will never leave you.

  • Nicole Jarvis MD

    Hi Kevin, my name is Nicole Jarvis, and I am a 39 yo doctor in Norman, mother of 5 year old identical twin boys that adore you and the Thunder, and I have Young Onset Parkinson’ Disease. I know you did that video for Nike/MJFF for Parkinsons Disease Research, and it is awesome! I have started Oklahoma’s first Team Fox event….it is a Gala on Dec 13th. I have already raised more than $50,000! I am hoping to raise tons more at our auction at the Gala! Would you please help us! I have a Finals Collectors Edition jersey that I would LOVE for you to sign! Please help KD….you can make a huge difference in finding a cure for this disease that affects me and 15,000 other Oklahomans! Check out our Team Fox website:

    Thank you!


    HI KD its me again, pAULine.. one of your biggest fan ever..heheh

    good job on ur game again.. u deserve a round of applause…heheh

    got it bro.. stay the same.. live high!!!..:D

  • GD3 ake goay deang

    Kevin when are the KDV coming out to foot locker i really want to buy them

  • Goay Deang

    kevin when the KD 5 coming out i really want to to buy them

  • Marcus latson

    hey Kevin this is your little cuz Marcus l and i want to thank you for the KD 5 and wanted to ask how is your moms place coming along forgot to ask her on sunday

  • charmin2soft

    Hi Kevin… I know this is a hit or miss post..but i was wondering if you could make an appearance at a military function on dec 9 in atlanta. I am an officer in the army is getting ready to deploy and it would mean alot if not cuz i know its basketball season then i hope to get to see u at the hawks game before i leave out. if u want anymore info im on twitter

  • Joshua McCalmon

    Jesus loves you Mr. Durant! Keep playing for his glory!

  • brandon novess

    hey bro im your biggest fan! i was at the pistons game the other night when you dominated as usual i love watching you play you are the best player in the nba and you are a great inspiration that if you set your mind to something you can do anything you want i hope you win a championship this year!!!! #35 #beast plz follow me on twitter @bigmoney21

  • Seamus Moran

    hey kevin i may be your biggest fan from pa and i look up to you so much and hope you keep up the good work good luck bro

  • deedee

    can you take a pic of your autograph and send it to me at 18708580171 that would be the best birthday present ever.!

  • Yvette Michelle Craig

    Kevin, I’m not gonna be the one to tell you that you are blessed because you already know that. However I will say this: You are a gift to not only the sport of basketball, but to young children and families across the globe. Sir, the strength that you display as well as your kindness to others, the Lord recognizes it. There will be greater things to come and I want you to know that you will always be my most favorite basketball player to have ever played in this generation. Thank you Kevin. Thank you so much.

  • SB#30

    i just wanted to say u r a excellent player of the game but u must know that im young and unnoticed but ill still find a way to make it big in the NBA and no im not just running my mouth but i for one will remeber this message and ill be the greastest ever of all times

  • SB#30

    i wish u guys wouldve took out miami heat in da finals they erk me but its cool ure good i mean very good but westbrook does not know how to pass the ball he takes to many shots but he still is good also but without his i want to be better then KD#35 mentality u guys wouldve won……….. but its too bad the greatest player of all times so far kobe bryant is taking it all this year i have hope

  • lil-kevin durant

    u are my favorite player on 2k and on court i swear 1 one favorite player

  • ross

    You my nigga kd but yo where can i find the “what the KDs” if you know let me know at good lookin

  • sebastian james

    Hey Mr.Durant I want you to know how important you are in my life.I just made the school team in middle inspire with your dedication to the Okc.Today i had practice and when i brought the ball down because I am a guard i thought about what you would do.Eventually i passed please email or respond.

  • Gizzy Bizzzy

    Kevin, I just want to tell you to keep up the good work

  • Gray Guzman

    Kevin Durant you are the best. I could assure you that you will be MVP this year and win the Finals.

  • Leoo

    Hey KD I play basketball in Germany at the berlin selection I dream every day to be a player like you. You are my big idol and for a lot of others too. See you in 6 year in the NBA ;)

  • david

    you like kevin durant

  • david

    to me

  • bezzy the mann 35

    you the best in the world hands down

  • @rjcurreri35

    hey kd i live in Massachusetts, I’m 12 years old and im your biggest fan. i have your shoes, shorts, coat, and all your jerseys. your a great role model and an amazing basketball player

  • coleman ayers

    Hello, Mr Durant. We are 6 8th grade kids from washington, DC that are all really big fans of you and look up to you because we play basketball. We know you are a rapper and like rap music, and we just wanted you to check out our rap music. If you go on grooveshark and search up “rice gang” or “based dolphin rice gang”, it will come up. Also you can go to We know you are busy a lot of the time and it will be hard to look at our music, but if you ever had time we would be very grateful for you to listen. if you do hear it and want to contact us, just leave a comment on our video or email us at thank you so much mr. durant!

  • Kelcey(:

    Dear Mr. Kevin Durant,
    I’m sure as the famous athlete that you are you recieve several hundred invites to little girls’ birthday parties, etc. Even my house cleaner tried to get Mr. Westbrook to come to her daughters sweet sixteen. Like I said, I’m sure you get a ton of posts like this; My 16th birthday is January 8th,2013. My parents are possibly taking me out dinner in Oklahoma City, a restaurant called Panang, it’s Thai food (super yummy!). It’d would make my world if you, and even your mom too, could show up at least for a few pictures with me and my parents.. You could stay for dinner too if you’d like! My twitter username is @kelcey_renee. Please let me know if you’ll be able to- or at least consider coming to dinner.
    Thank you, Kevin Durant and you’re social team! I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely, a HUGE fan from a small OK town,

  • Tonyy3

    Greetings from Nessebar, Bulgaria! You’re great KD and you inspire me to keep working on my skills and become better. Hope to meet in the NBA one day. And good luck this year.

  • Elizabeth DeAnne

    My brother Alex Wayne Smith FB name “Alex Drummer Smith” is having surgery on Friday January, 11th to remove a brain tumor you are his hero and idol it would mean the world to him and I if you could do something special for him. Thank you so much for your time. I have attached a pic of him.

  • Brylle Krstl

    you are so amazing KD thumb’s up for you idol!!!!

  • leonise>

    hi number 1 fan of you here in philippines….good luck to your game pray for you to win every game…and i hope i will see you in person…..

  • Kim

    I love you Kevin

  • deborah

    Hi Kevin. My name is Deborah, just want you to know how much I enjoy watching your games. I am actually watching you score big against the Lakers. It is my prayer to be able to get tks to see you in person. I just finished chemo for Colon Cancer and would love to be in your presence. Can you help me to secure 2 seats and allow me to get your autograph?

  • Emerson

    I saw you last night and you had some sweet dunks

  • Kevin Carroll

    Hi Kevin.. I dont follow Basketball, but you are a true hero!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very nice of you to visit your fans.. Sincerely, Kevin Carroll

  • Tomp Sheridant

    to Kevin Durant: you are one FLY person to visit that cancer stricken boy in the hospital.
    E-mail me at

  • leonise

    hi kevin this is leonise from philippines…your my idol…keep it up…lov you!!!!

  • Hakeem

    Kevin durant,it’s hakeem Imran.i really want to be a nba player to join the okc thunder team.but remenber try do your best ok kevin.i might see u when I grow up.but I’m really want to know that you can make other basketball movie.oh I’m writing about kd’z thuder shoe.i going to make a really book so I can sent all people to read it.its not done and I wanna to go actor with you.i live in Texas and I’m 13

  • Hakeem

    I wanna meet you

  • Hakeem

    When I’m finished the book and I’m sent to a public book and they can make a. Real book.remeber the title called KD’Z ThunderShoe

  • Hakeem

    I’m 13 yrs old

  • Felicia R. Howard

    You played an awesome game against the Mavericks. I became your fan after watching Thunderstruck on DVD, You are a positive role model to all the young people around the world because you show them how to be humble and respectful. You and your mom have a very strong bond and it is evident in the way that you honor her. I pray that I get to watch you play in person when you all play the Memphis Grizzlies @ Memphis, but if not I will continue to cheer from home. Your biggest fan in Pulaski, TN!

  • Paul Kesner

    This is my first visit to your website. This is not due in anyway to how much I have enjoyed watching you since your college career. I am a Thunder fan since the earliest days of trying to gain an NBA team, and could not have been prouder that you were the player that anchors our team. You are a man with a God-given skill that you constantly strive to improve and hone. You are a man with the highest professionalism, team centered motivation, hard work ethics, true community spirit and outreach, and I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving my adopted home a team star for whom we can be proud.
    As a man with children your age, please pass along to your Mother that I thought she was captivating and extremely knowledgeable as a commentator, and she has a wonderful son.
    Pass this same sentiment along to the rest of your teammates/friends–you are as a group men to be proud of on and off the court.
    I worked cleaning the stadium during the games for our 2010 season and now that I am in Georgia, I miss games TREMENDOUSLY.

    ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar

    u r the best player right now
    KD 35 all day

  • emma

    every day that i practice i want to become more like u in every way i watched thunder struck about tenty times already iis awwesome

  • Samuel

    hey Mr. Durant i think you are going to be the best player ever in the NBA and i personally want to say that you are my role model and i hope to see u face to face one day personally want to say what a great role model you are for me

  • Janet Anokye

    You’re Good!

  • Aunt R

    Can you help me? I ordered a shoes for my nephew’s birthday from a site using your name Turn out is in China! The site gives no indication of that at all. Bad news! Trying to get my money back, but… So upset can’t get my nephew the shoes now. I hope you are not affiliated with this company. Can you help?

  • trent

    kevin you are amazing at basketball one question when will be back on twitter again?


    My son, Bogie, loves you so much and follows your moves on a daily basis. I am up late tonight because of graduate school. He does what he has to do as a working player even though he is so much shorter than everyone on the team. As his parent and motivator, I appreciate his love of the sport but I can not understand his passion. because it is so much more than I have ever known outside of academics. He gives his heart and soul to every sport he plays, and I get tired and ask him to pick and choose, but he watches you so closely and makes your moves and all he asked for was the NBA 2K13 game. because you were on the cover He is not allowed to play those games unless his chores are done, but as a parent, you are my hero. You have motivated him to be more than he ever thought he could be and he dedicates himself to the game. I teach at a junior high school and I would love for you to motivate all students. We are stupid on the technology because I do not let my kids have any access to the multimedia at home outside the weekends and major holidays. I can’t twitter and nor could my kids, but I would appreciate you helping me morph my students and my children to work their butts off and not make excuses.

  • Christine


  • Shivam Patel

    hey kevin i am a SUPER-FAN of yours i have seen you play in 4 different cities also im from texas so i’ve benn watching you since college at Texas when you played ever since you have been my FAVORITE player i was gonna come to the all-star game but tickets are insanely priced so i’m gonna stick to TV i wanted to know if you’ll be signing autographes at the convention center?

  • Kerryann

    Sending Prayers and blessing your Way!!! God bless, be encouraged be strong!!!

  • Jake Albright

    Thank you so much mr. Durante for all you do. You are my role model.

  • Jake Albright

    Sorry Durant
    Stupid spell check

  • Becky

    one of my biggest wish is to meet you one day.

  • jimmy

    keep shooting lights out kd. Go for 4 in row scoring title and get mvp kevin

  • jimmy lee

    kevin start playing like tmac , just start shooting llights out kd, just take over for okc, its your team. still this years mvp kd . youre best shooter out there.

  • Cynthia H

    I’m glad you’re ok after that nasty fall in last night’s game! Had me worried there for a minute.

  • Nolan Kondrich

    Hey KD
    Drove from Pgh. Pa to Cleveland to see you play the Cavs for my 14th birthday, The LORD blessed us thru guest services and me and my little sister with DOWN SYNDROME got to meet you. My mom even kissed your hand (lol)!!! I am an 8th grader at Hillcrest Christian Academy in Pgh. (Bethel Park) PA. And you bless our family by being a great Christian role model!!!! When I walk down the stairs in the morning, my little sister with DS says” Good Morning, Kevin”! Even she knows how much I love you. Meeting you in person and getting your autograph in my BIBLE was the best birthday gift a kid could ever ask for. Thank you and I’ll never forget this birthday!!!!
    Nolan and Chloe Emmanuelle Kondrich
    P.S. Do you ever Listen to TOBY MAC??

  • Janet Anokye

    Kev, Kev, Good Game! Fun Game! I was rooting for you to get the MVP tonight. You’ll get it another time.

  • Greg Rincon

    your awesome and you are getting better every day

  • Aliajj


  • Amy

    Love ya KD, ur amazing to watch, ur personality is one of a kid by far the most humblest I’ve ever seen. Your family values are what everyone needs to see. Can’t wait to see you play again #ThunderUp

  • BigOilBLOWS

    Bring back Kid Clutch please. We miss him. Thanks.

  • Theykravekookie

    Kevin my dream is to meet you one day at an exclusive party :) ur my fav celebrity and I hope I get the chance to meet u!

  • Janet Anokye

    KD! Who says prayer doesn’t work? I saw you pray before your game with Clippers today and i said a big Amen to that! What a game? Good Job! Go Thunder!

  • Cydney Duchesneau

    Hello Mr.Durant, My 8 year old son Zachary ran after you Sunday at Staple Center(OKC vs Clippers). He was heartbroken to have forgot his marker as he stopped you in the tunnel. After the game to sign his jersey. Security brought him back to his father and I (mom). We live in a very small town in Southern California. My son wanted to see you play. He seen you play in Phoenix last year. This year for an early birthday gift we took him to see you and OKC, and we had wonderful seats. it was the last game in CA and AZ before the playoffs. His birthday is April 21st. Is there anything I can do to get an autographed jersey for my son?

  • Kim Dolar

    Your my IDOL! I’m from the Philippines KD!

  • Just Afan

    Hey K.D.,
    You are a good role model, and I really admire you because you show sportsmanship.

  • Nitz Santiago

    mr.kevin durant I’m an avid fan of yours here in the P.I.I really like watching u thru TV.How I wish to see you in person with your humble and honest heart.Goodluck in every game you have.Bless you always and the whole OKC THUNDER TEAM.

  • Erica Hannah

    I just want to say that my kids and I are your biggest fans and we love you. We watch every game you play and wish we lived in Oklahoma to see you and the team play in person. My boys look up to you and I think your an phenomenal person and basketball player. My oldest son says he wants to play basketball like KD. We love you and the OKC team and we wish you the best:) P.S. You are my only celebrity crush and I wish one day my kids and I get chance to meet you.

  • ninja pax

    i love how u play basket ball. im sure u and westbrook are best friends. i love u so much i wish i could meet face to face. my friend alexis is a big fan of west brook but im more than a fan for u im more than a……. never mind. hay good luck on the other games you ve played. :)

  • ninja pax

    by the way im a girl. lol

  • Chan2lubsu

    Hi, KD !! u really2 complete my day :) though u dont notice me .. I’m really hoping to see u personally.

  • Chantana Riza Barnes

    I will always be praying for u :) I’m really hoping for a response.

  • Chantana Riza Barnes

    I will always be praying for u :) I’m really hoping for a response. .. TC always…/

  • Kenny C

    Hell KD. Big fan. I thought of you this week because I want to come at you for a producer spot or cameo or whatever for a project that is close to your heart and I know you’re going to love. I’m from the DMV but I’ve been living in Hollywood for almost a decade. Just give me ONE shot to pitch it to you!

  • mommymogul

    Stop getting technicals! I agree with your grandma!!!! Watched you tonight in San Antonio. You are by far my favorite player. My family has nicknamed you Silky Slim, because your shot is so smooth. I am trying to find Okc comforter sets for my 2 sons(15 & 6) very disappointed that I can’t find any. Keep up the good work with basketball and with your fans. Have followed you for years ( hook ‘em horns)! Where has your mom been? I miss seeing you give her a kiss before games. I tell my son that when he makes it to the NBA he needs to treat me like you treat your mom!

  • Janet Anokye

    Thunder UP!

  • Shahzeb A

    Man , your my favriote player like hands down nobody else is close to you , i started watching and playing basketball cause i saw you play . When i say you play i was like man this guy is amazing my first NBA jersey is a Kevin Durant one and my first shoe for basketball was yours . Last year i never NEVER missed a Thunder game i found a way to watch it . Last year vs San Antonio i got to go to the game in the playoffs i was so happy yall won . My other friends left the Thunder to become Heat fans when they won but i havnt changed the best thing thats ever happend to me is become a Thunder fan , You inspired me to follow my dreams and play basketball and i couldnt thank you enough man i just hope one day to follow your footsteps and play for the thunder . Your like the best role model but to me your more then that your like a hero like the way you helped that women out when she fell that was one of the example of your heroic ness. I just hope one day you will read this . Thank you KD

  • nala handley

    mr. Durant let me start by saying you should have won 2012 championship . I loved you in thunder struck you are the best player in our generation. first M.J then you. I know you will win it this year. great allstar game loved your glasses

  • Lenny Blanco kd your opinion on my tape would be highly appreciated!!!!

  • Lenny Blanco
  • Lenny Blanco please feel free to hop on any song and remix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lenny Blanco
  • Kim Harkness

    Hi KD, my 10 year old son and I are hanging out in our hotel room in Orlando reading your blog. We were at the Magic game tonight! We love to watch you play! It was a great game! As a mother, I have to thank you for being such a positive role model for children. I respect the integrity and positive example you show on and off the court! We are from Iowa, but try to catch a Thunder game whenever we can. Good luck with the rest of your season! Go Thunder!

  • Jewelz Durant

    Hi ‘ My name Is Jewelle. I am 15 year old . I go to Harry S.Truman high school. I play for the Jv Girls Basketball Team. I have a 95% average in school. I wanna be a Nice basketball player like you. I workout everyday after school. I am a Small Forward. I adore you as a player and a person. In school I say your my Father because I wanna be just Like you. All i wanna do is just met you and want to ask you questions how did u become so great. I want to come to your camp this summer but i don’t think my mom and dad can afford it. Kevin Durant all i wanna say is I think you are the best Player in the NBA !!!! Thank You for inspiring me to be a Basketball player



  • Cookie M.

    Hello Mr. KD, let me start by saying ” I Love You”. I see so much of my own son (C. Gooch) in you who has just turned 15 on April 2. People tell us all the time that he is a mini you, and I look like & remind people of your Mom!! I’ll take that because it’s such a compliment. You give the both of us something to look forward to in our near future. Thank you for who are and what you represent. Continue to keep God first and keep your Faith. I/ we wish you the best & hope to shake your hand someday. Keep up the good work and stay humble. Much love…Cookie

  • Cierra

    This my new number babe 2026992980 call me.

  • Rabie

    I will like you I promise

  • Joshua Russel

    Dude, tell me if you have a game because I want to see you guys own the game! Go, Thunder, Go!!!


    kd y are the best player in the league hands down

  • Elijah Johnson


  • Elijah Johnson

    Hey KD I just wanted to say you are my favorite player and that god will kepp you healthy so you can keep playing. Follow me on twitter @Elijah23123

  • First Lady

    My only wish is to meet one day.

  • First Lady

    My only wish is to meet u one day.

  • Davis,Xand Sway,Bony

    kevin durant…. you are better than LayBron Raymone JJJaaamess. You are best in the universe

  • Romiliano10

    Hey what’s up KD? I just want to say that you are my favorite player and i wish i can meet u once in my life. I hope God give me the chance and good luck get ready to take the nba championship 2013 follow with a MV ight Peace.

  • Janet Anokye

    KD – All the best in today’s game! Start the playoffs with a win of the championship in mind.

  • Hakeem

    May the Allah bless Kevin Durant.One Day I am going Unvisery of Texas Or Unvisery of Houston.I hope they put me to OKC Thunder.I am really good at Basketball.I practice everyday.I am 14yrs old.I am Muslim just like Nazr Mohammed.I want to be the shooting guard,point guard or SF.If i join OKC,i WOULD LEAD THEM TO CHAMPIONSHIP.I want you slam dunk over Lebron James face.When you guys get into final championship against Miami Heat,I want you to defense and offense Lebron James so hard.Same as Russell Westbrook and all your team defence Miami Heat so hard.Remenber the word-Do not be flex or weak.I will pray for you guys.I hope Allah help you guys practice so hard.

  • Hakeem34

    I wish they can contract Chandler,Jordan from NY Knick,and clippers to OKC.

  • Hakeem34

    I am Shooting Guard.

  • centoria

    Hey i really love you. You play bball so good and I’m a big fan

  • centoria

    Love you good game Boo

  • davis21

    awesome game last night

  • miguel salcido

    hey KD i made traveling team this year and we won a couple of tournaments…last year i got to try out to play for the team but i just didnt make it but this year you my second favorite player inspired me to make it this year and my first favorite player is kevin martin #35 #23!!!!OKC FOR LIFE,OKC TILL I DIE!!!! :)

  • KevinDurantFan

    You are an awesome player and a great role model! I hope you continue to do well in the playoffs.

  • Tyler Williams

    I’m going to be better than you one day.

  • Javon

    Hello KD,
    We are having an event on September 21st and would like to know if you would donate a shirt with your signature. Please let us know. Thank you! You Rock!

  • Dennis

    hey kevin…I’m your number 1 fun and I kno know AND copy every move you do like your my hero and I wish you could email on for some tips on how to become a better shooter and dribbler…thank you and may God bless you

  • jaybird

    supp kd i am a big fan i got posters of you everywhere i love your shoes i got the 4s and 5s.

  • DmanRant

    Hey Durant, my son and I are doing your Durant Challenge and we really like it! Hope we win because my son is getting desperate. Thanks!

  • ThunderLove


  • Kari

    Tough loss, but I’m so proud of you and our awesome team. I have so much love and respect for you! Looking forward to next season. :)

  • Janet Anokye

    Hard Luck! But don’t worry. Pause, Reflect, and come back stronger. I can’t wait for the next season to start. You are still the best! We Love You Kevin!!!

  • melroseballers

    Kevin Durant can u sponsor melrose ballers please



  • Jenny

    You are showing all of the other players what it means to be a man of God and how important that is to you. Keep up the great work. And thank you for your most generous contribution to the victims of yesterday’s horrific tragedy in Moore, OK.

  • Karen Blanton

    Kevin I want to thank you for your generous donation for the OK tornado vicitims along with the Thunder matching your donation. My mom is 77 years old and I think she is one of your biggest fans. I have taken here twice to see you but she enjoys watching all ya’ll games. God Bless you and your family and all the team members for what you do in the communities in Oklahoma
    Karen Blanton
    Elk City, OK

  • Chanel

    God bless you Kevin D, sending blessing to you and yours from San Antonio, Tx….I think it’s super dope that you were not the person to release this information, good to know there are good strong men out there serving as an example. The money could never replace the lives lost, but it is a great gesture to know that you care for the city.

  • JJ

    This is the first and probably only time I’ll leave a comment on a professional athlete’s site. Just heard from espn about your generous donation to folks in need from recent F5 in Oklahoma. To whom much is given – much is expected. I hope your peers follow your lead. Your actions define the type of leadership that is greatly needed in USA at this time. Best of luck in the playoffs.

  • Tina

    You are an absolute inspiration! My 7 1/2 year old son Sam is digging through his piggy bank to give all he has saved to the Oklahoma survivors. Thank you for being a true role model. God bless you!

  • Tim Carr

    Thank you Mr Kevin Durant, for your donation to help the people in OK. Men like you make the world a better place.

  • Chazz

    I don’t watch basket ball, but I know a man doing GODS will when I see one, thanks for backing Oklahoma up.

  • Aref Elbeik

    Im 13 years old, 5’10 and practicing hours every day, only to hope that i can play as good as you, if not, MABE BETTER!! (DOUBT IT) Will always be my favorite player. It was also vey nice of you to donate 1 million to okc relief funds.

  • Golden Brown

    I love KD he is so humble

  • Joe

    Hey Kevin,

    Wanted to reach out and say “way to go”! Wouldn’t consider myself an NBA fan, but I am a fan of people stepping up and helping out those in need. Kudos to you. May God bless you and your family.

  • Jena Lachowicz

    Dear Kevin, My grandmother is a huge Thunder fan and was involved in the Tornado in Moore and lost everything. The only things she wanted from her house was the Kevin Durant poster, Russell Westbrook basket ball and her thunder jerseys. We were able to recover the basket ball, jerseys and her thunder blanket. If you could possible find a way to make it by her room we would be most appreciative. She is at OU medical center, please email me if you are able and I will give you her room number

    Thank you for your generous donation already.

  • Shelly Hernandez

    Count it all as joy–you are so wise beyond your years. You remind me of the Christian song with the lyrics… “If not us, then who will be him to the least of these….” DO. And you have.

    My trailblazers have been out for so long I started rooting for OKC last year. I will never stop now! My prayers for you and Russell and the team, and of course the whole community now. Peace.

  • Shelly Hernandez

    Count it all as joy–you are so wise beyond your years. You remind me of the Christian song with the lyrics… “If not us, then who will be him to the least of these….” DO. And you have.

    My trailblazers have been out for so long I started rooting for OKC last year. I will never stop now! My prayers for you and Russell and the team, and of course the whole community now. Peace.

  • Natoya Carlies

    I love you

  • Nicholas Marx

    Hey KD my birthday is on the 16th of June!!! You should come to my house!!! That would rock my world!!! LOL!

  • Bahamian Fan

    Durant you are an inspiration to alot of people. I live in the Bahamas and love the game of basketball. I have watched you in past interviews and noticed your strong belief in GOD. Continue in this path and allow no one to change you, don’t allow the pressures of the NBA to get a ring compromise your belief in GOD. Don’t sell out for fame and money but stay in OKC to be a real inspiration to fans who luv you. Others have left their home town to sell out to the big city life and mock GOD. Stay Real

  • Trysha

    Hello Mr. Durant :) Just Showing You That I Appreciate You,.. And I Really Do Love You.. <3 Please email Me Sometime …..@

  • steve

    I have a large oil painting of KD painted by Erik Wahl. I was wondering if there was a charity event that KD woud be at in Oklahoma that I could get it signed at. It kinda bulky so I wouldn’t want to bring it to a game. Anyone know of anything concrete that is occurring? Nothing like sometimes goes to this grocery store or something like that.

  • Frank

    Mr. Durant, i am the father of an Air Force soldier. He and his fiancé are huge fans of yours and root not only for the Thunder to win but for you to win the scoring title each year. They are due to get married the first of August. I know you get numerous requests of this type and it is not possible for you to respond to all of them but i wanted to ask if you might be able to attend their wedding or reception or both. My son has been deployed and proudly serves his country. His fiancé is a nursing student at ORU and desires to do missions work in various countries in Africa. She made a short mission trip to there last summer. This would not only be a huge honor for both of them but a great thing for you to do to show your support for our soldiers who put their lives at risk for our freedoms. By the way, thanks so much for your support and help to all those who lost so much in the recent storms.

    Thank you for who you are and what you represent. I am not letting the kids know that i am making this request. If there is any other information you need, just let me know at Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

  • Frank

    Mr. Durant, its the father of the Air Force soldier again. He is going to be deployed for the second time right after his wedding. It would be great if you could come to the wedding or at least the reception. Thanks again for all you do for our state.

  • dball

    Congratz to you and monica wright you 2 are my favorite ball players

  • Aj Drizz

    KD its ok even if you are underpaid for your career. just do your job! and make the OKC proud! and congrats, soon you will be a father.. its me Aj. The Solid FAN of YOURS!!!

    Aj Drizz frm the Philippines :)

  • john phillips

    Next year your going to win the finals. no one can stop you guys. you are such a great player and a great person i adore you and you are a great role model. you are my hero and I want to be like you some day you are tot sly awesome!

  • jwales

    big fan watch your highlights alot. Great role model try to do all your moves when i play basketball for my shcool

  • Garrett Johnson

    Hey Mr. Kevin Durant I absolutely love everyway you play the game I am a huge fan you are my favorite basketball player but I live and Georgia so it’s a bit of a distance to OKC. I have checked into your camp and the dates are after my school has started so I was wondering if there is any hopes of you having a secondary camp because I highly doubt I’m the only kid out there in the same situation. Also I would love to meet you your my idol. So just let me know the deal or whatever haha talk to you later. Thanks

  • tyler

    my favorite player kd but i really wish i can come and meet him

  • socaltrigal

    On Saturday, July 27, I took my son and his friend to the Nike #summerisserious event at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The event was to be held from 6-7pm per Instagram ,Twitter, and the store posting. I was not surprised that the event start time was delayed (6:20pm), but I thought it would at least run until 7pm (it ended btwn 6:40-6:45). But what really bothered me was KD’s lack of engagement with the crowd. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances, but he didn’t seem to be engaged with the attendees at all. I would have at least expected some closer interaction with the kids there from the Boys & Girls Club (did that occur after the event)? KD didn’t approach them in their cordoned-off section by the hoop—hardly acknowledged them. There were also so many young fans there who had hoped to get some memorabilia signed and all they received was a quick getaway—my son was one of them. I knew it was a long-shot, but I had hoped at least some of the young fans there would come away with an autograph or photo. I didn’t know what to convey to my disappointed son and his friend other than the reality that adults do disappoint—both private citizens and public figures. I am not naïve; I have realistic expectations when it comes to appearances by high-profile sports figures. I’m just saddened and surprised that one such example included the name, Kevin Durant—I’ve read SO many positive things about KD. My only hope/request is that Mr. Durant please, please acknowledge and/or wave to your young fans in any future event that you headline—and stick around, at a minimum, to your publicized
    timeframe especially if you arrive late.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Vicky


  • Vicky

    Hello Mr. Durant. I live in CA , my son Daniel is 11 years old he is your fan and his dream is to meet you in person one day. I am planning on taking Daniel to Oklahoma next year to one of your games and if would be awesome if my son can meet you in person before or after the game! You are his hero in sports ! Please acknowledge that you read my message ! Blessings to you !! Please help me make my son Daniel’s dream come true! Vicky

  • Ballin austin

    Kd is probablt the top ten nba role models of the last 5 years he is just so morivating and keeps basketball players striving for their dreams i personally love kd his ring awaits him in the 2013-2014 season lets go kd win mvp get that ring and get finals mvp for okc would ya!!

  • makwe

    Kevin, you’re beyond awesome , you’re a huge inspiration to the high schoo basket ballers like me out there. God bless

  • Jordan

    Here is something I dont get, by the way your insane on the court, but your new shoe, the KD V, is made for you, but for some bizarre reason they dont sell it in size 16. Isn’t 16 your size? I dont understand how they can come out with a shoe for you without it coming in your size. I have been combing the desert for these shoes in 16 and maybe my dream can become a reality. Anything you can do?, holla

  • Boydee

    Soyou need a nick name… what about…..
    Kevin “voodoo’ Durant….. as in “voodoo child” from Jimi Hendrix!

    Imagine with 1 second left on the clock and KVD has 2 free
    throws to shoot against Miami. One free throw to equalise, the other to win the
    game. He makes the first and the Jimi Hendrix tune comes on and KVD plays the
    Air guitar to the tune and then he makes the second and the house starts rocking
    to Voodoo Child.

    So what about the prodigy theme… At the start of the game, Sir
    Charles asks KVD “so what spell are you going to put on Houston
    tonight?” KVD replies, “I going to put a spell on Dwight that he gets
    blocked three times, misses a dunk and I personally drop 48 points on the
    midget centre.”

    KVD in laker land…Kevoodoo puts a spell on Kobe by scoring
    89 points on the black mamba’s a#s*s…

    At the warriors in the final few seconds, VoodooDurant puts the
    spell on the ball from 3 point range and wins the game.

    KVD goes up to the heavens and steals a bolt of lightning and
    brings it back with a thunder slam over the top of Blake Griffin, giving OKC a
    20 point lead at the half over the clippeltics.

    So KVD from OKC, what do you think? Kevin “Voodoo”
    Durant (The NBA’s Voodoo child)

    From omBoydee…

  • Jackie Silva

    I am the mother of a 9th grade cheerleader at Oklahoma Centennial High School. Our community is very low income. To add to the financial burden, Oklahoma Public School District does not acknowledge Cheerleading as a sport so the squad is unable to access district athletic funding. The school’s “home” football field is not located at the school. Travel to and from games, especially away games, falls back onto the parents, who unfortunately many do not have transportation. The squad is planning on fundraisers to obtain their uniforms and other equipment. I was wondering if some of the Thunder Girls or even Players, could attend the fundraiser so the community would be inspired to attend. I was also wondering if the Thunder is able to donate any money to help aid the squad.

    Please, these girls have visions of competitions but without funding that will only be a dream.

    Please let me know if you need anything further information. Thank you.

  • matthew jeffers

    if you dive more to the basket then you will be better than lebron

  • The Negro Spirituose (TNS)

    Fan of KD from Paris. I have crossed this summer in Paris, it’s a cool guy.
    Sorry for my english.

  • TWARD25

    does kd realy read this. PS i cant enter my email adress also me and kds birthday is this month mines the 25 his is the 29

  • Cathy

    Hey KD, when will you have another Basketball camp in Austin, TX. My son would love to attend your camp. Hook’em!

  • yosef edri

    HI MR.Durant i am a really big fan i have almost everything of yours (example:jersey,t-shirt,sneakers,etc…so many more to list) also i really wish to meet you and get your autograph but there is a problem i live in Brooklyn,New York
    thanks for your cooperation

  • John Ho

    LOVE U forever。MVP!

  • Therese Liu

    Hey KD! I just wanted to say that you are my inspiration. I am a girl. And I play badminton. I’m very good at it. I also like basketball. And you’re my motivation to do great cause you’re great! Continue what you are doing. You inspire us!

  • Al-Mohammed Bin

    One day I wannah be a OKC Thunder all-star SG.Im Chinese Islam.I was convert to Islam.So i was thinking if Harden was not trade and ill be the all-star SG for the furture.I was thinking if i was going to UCLA, or University of Texas.Im 14 yrs old.I bellieve that you could take over Lebron James M.V.P.No matter what u dont get M.V.P or not.All is the matter is do your best.I think its better if u put more weigh and work our your muscle and your abs.That will pull up your weigh for a little but.But i think u should get a tatoo on your arms.I always watch your basketball games.But if i miss watch your game, then i watch on the youtube.Russell Westbrook need more strong defence and alot things.Serge Ibaka,Kenderick Perkins,Perry Jones III,Hasheem Thabeet,and Steve Adams need learn how to play center and power forward.Because that will defense from Miami Heat Champion.Thabo Sefeosla need to play really good and defence good too.He to pratice shoot 3 point and alot things.I love OKC Thunder.

  • Sarah

    There are three youth groups in the OKC metro area that are having a silent auction in December. We were wondering if you might like to donate something for it or even come to it. Please let me know.

  • Ally Tinberg

    A have been with my boyfriend since his son was 4 and over the last 3 years, I have seen his son, Brad, want to be just like his dad. So he said he would play sports, but never quite got the rhythm or passion.

    Until he watched THUNDERSTRUCK…. he overnight became obsessed with basketball and more over, you, Kevin Durant!

    He played/plays it all day everyday, inside and outside. He knows your stats and keeps score during the games. He wears the Kevin Durant shoes so he can play like you and has confidence through the roof. He writes short essays about how good of a player you are and how good of a person you are. Especially after helping the people of Oklahoma after the devastating tornados.

    We are from Chicago, where everyone is on the D Rose ban wagon… you would think being a 7 year old kid he would be pressured and swayed to route for the Bulls.. but nope.. OKC and Kevin Durant are #1 :)

    I know you inspire and motivate everyday… but I think it’s important for someone to know that they have had a direct impact on a child’s life by being a good person. You have awoken a personality in him and I think it’s pretty amazing.

    He inspired me to write this after taking this picture from yesterdays game of him keeping score. All in all, Thank you for being a great role model! We are planning to surprise him and come see you play in Milwaukee in a few weeks and we will see OKC in Chicago in March!

    Thanks again!

  • Ally Tinberg

    A have been with my boyfriend since his son was 4 and over the last 3 years, I have seen his son, Brad, want to be just like his dad. So he said he would play sports, but never quite got the rhythm or passion.

    Until he watched THUNDERSTRUCK…. he overnight became obsessed with basketball and more over, you, Kevin Durant!

    He played/plays it all day everyday, inside and outside. He knows your stats and keeps score during the games. He wears the Kevin Durant shoes so he can play like you and has confidence through the roof. He writes short essays about how good of a player you are and how good of a person you are. Especially after helping the people of Oklahoma after the devastating tornados.

    We are from Chicago, where everyone is on the D Rose ban wagon… you would think being a 7 year old kid he would be pressured and swayed to route for the Bulls.. but nope.. OKC and Kevin Durant are #1 :)

    I know you inspire and motivate everyday… but I think it’s important for someone to know that they have had a direct impact on a child’s life by being a good person. You have awoken a personality in him and I think it’s pretty amazing.

    He inspired me to write this after taking this picture from yesterdays game of him keeping score. All in all, Thank you for being a great role model! We are planning to surprise him and come see you play in Milwaukee in a few weeks and we will see OKC in Chicago in March!

    Thanks again!

  • Amari

    Hook a brother up and send me a pair of KD6 . I known you since you koined the NBA and i was just wondering if you can send me a pair of KD6 with either colors Black , white any kind of blue , or gray . Hook a brother up . P.S. our Coach was a good coach . I had the same coach as u in college and he was the best . Hopefully if u can spare me a pair of KD6s , and some of your basketball skills will be passed down on to me . Best wishes and i hope OKC wins the game tonight!!!!!P.P.S. if u are reading this , please send me response on my G-mail!!!P.P.P.S U ARE A GREAT ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!

  • The1AndOnly


  • The1AndOnly

    Yes baby Domani here

  • sean

    Kevin durant you have a great gift god has made you perfect and he still has more things coming for you never give up on god and he won’t give up on you

  • kwame

    kevin durant best in the world i wanna be just like you keep grindin

  • justin miller #5

    hey kd man i just wanna say that you expire me so much man. i watch each every last one of your highlights, tours, and etc. your a great role model. i wish that you had camps i can come too, i wish i can just hand out with you one of these summers so we can play one on one . and teach me so more of your stuff. 702-677-8302

  • Kevin Durant

    hey mr.kevin with all the the respect i’m a big fan and would really realy appreciate if u answer back even writing a 1 letter

  • Georgette

    Hello Kevin,
    I recently purchased my 2 sons a pair of your shoes, and I am very disappointed to find out that after about 2 months the nike sign is coming off. I paid $80 for my 6 year old shoes and $130 for my 11 year old shoes. Tried to exchange them at the footlocker and they stated I needed to contact nike. My boys and I are big fans of your and as a single moher this was a sacrifice to buy and sadlyfully said a waste of money since the shoe is falling apart. I hope in the future you put out more durable products.

  • Parham
  • Joe McKenna

    It’s hard to find a truly good ‘athlete’ role model for kids today. But I have three grandsons – Miles (9), Max (6) and Luke (4) – who really look up to you. It is driven by older brother Miles and strongly supported by their dad (Josh) and me. Josh and I believe you are not only one of the finest basketball players ever, but you are a good man with solid values. For Christmas each of my grandsons have Kevin Durant Jerseys on their list and after I finish this note I’ll be placing the order. I was going to try to come to a game and try to get the jersey for Miles autographed, but decided that wasn’t practical (I live in Kansas City). In short, thanks for being the kind of athlete a grandfather can feel proud that his grandkids admire.

  • Anonymous

    There are always theives looking to take your money on the internet. Hackers are good at this. They spend their days thinking of ways to take your money. Please be careful. Good luck to you.

  • tidiane

    Mr Durant i want you to know that you’re a model for young africans players and keep doin what you are doin. if it’s possible come to visit our continent we have nothing to give you but you will be the witness of the admiration we have for you

  • Damiene Boles Jr.

    Kevin, I have been watching you play for some time now. I’m a young basketball player myself. You have been just awesome role model for me. In a few years when I’m in high school I want you to check me out.

  • Stephanie

    Hello KD, My son is a HUGH FAN of yours and we have been looking for your KDIV Precision Timing Shoes every where and they are no where to be found. Can you give us a hint where to find them in a size 12?? We live in Cali, we called every Footlocker store within a 50mile range. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. Sincerely, Stephanie Armijo

  • Skyy

    Is there any way we can pre-order the Nike KD 6 Floral Aunt Pearl and the Nike KD VI Floral KDs?

  • helen winrow

    Mr Durant I am a 65 year old woman thst has wanted to meet you for some tine. I have such admiration for s young msn that know the Lord like you do and carry Jesus with him every where that he dream is to neet you personally.

  • Sissy Kemp

    when your good everyone wants to be your best took drive and determination and strong people behind you as a child to lead you to a goal.i have a grandson that has the ability in all his sports and his grades,but the thing is he is 5ft.4 inches 92 lbs.he don’t see what i see.his father is 6ft.5 inches,his mother is 5ft.9inches and he don’t see the height yet.his dad played football for ou,but i keep telling him kids don’t want to be around you because your smaller than them,but they will later on and we pass them just like they have passed you we keep trucking on.we will get there just wait and see.a grandmo hate to see bigger kids pick on smaller kids,but this child has always been in things and he’s building strength that one day he can show the next child what it takes to be a good sport.JUST LIKE YOU KD.SEE YOU AT BASKETBALL CAMP

  • Ttp

    Kevin hope you are OK.
    We drove 4 hrs to Philly to watch you play tonight
    Hope you can. Get better

  • Patrick Joseph Michalek

    I bet, even I could dunk in dem sneaks. 0)

  • DeAndre Simms

    They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed so this is worth a shot. So we thought we would ask. I am coming to you on behalf of Broken Arrow Oklahoma’s Thunder Nation! What an honor and priviledge it would be at some point to have you, Kevin Durant come and visit us at Hank’s Express Car Wash in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We know you are busy racking up points, assists and rebounds on opposing teams but we were wondering if you could take time out from posterizing the league to say high to the loyal fans of this thriving community? During the season or offseason we don’t care we; like Uncle Sam WANT YOU! So what do we have to do? We are prepared to make our manager jump in an ice cold tank of water(he hates cold water) ironic that he manages a car wash but that’s a whole nother story. If you could be so kind to take part in this festivity we would like to donate a portion of the proits from this gathering to The Kevin Durant Family Foundation. Thank you for your time and from the city of Broken Arrow Oklahoma we wish you al the best. God Bless

  • mzjenkins

    KD we luv ur new nickname & would love for you to come our to one of our OKC Servants basketball practices & talk with our kids. This weekend we are having our homecoming beinging back old players & celebrating our current. check us out on 5th grade Servants

  • 2t

    Do you like “the butler”

  • Tristan Dozier

    Mr.Durant you have treated my son greatly as possiblw.Good job he looks just like you

  • Dizz_Smith

    This Aunt pearl KD IV wasn’t good at all especially in NY. I attended footlocker to get a pair , there was approxiatmelty 13 people infront of me at FootLocker they stated that they only have 20 tickets. How can this be? Then half of the people intro of me where men sizes! I don’t even know what happend to the tickets but that wasn’t equal.

  • Dizz_Smith

    In front* were*

  • djquick2

    Just saw you at Penn Square, Our OKC Servants are scrimmaging their coaches at Municipal Gym downtown, you should come check us out

  • michele campbell

    Hello my name is michele. I am a born okie, living in this state all of my 41 years. You and your team are grear road models for the kids around here. For once. Someone they should admire for their abilities on and off the court. Thank you for that. My son is 10 and is a big fan. He even won a basketball in school for the most shots made and he is nonly 4’2. Shortest in the class. Ha ha. Anyway I understand that I am an average person just trying to make it through life. You have so many connections which someone like me will never have. Here is my situation. I am 41 years old living in edmond. I am in end stage renal disease and liver failure. Genetic disease both of them. I am looking for a way to rent a place for my and my kids to live that is safe and bug free. I work at taco bueno 40 hours a week. I have been turned down for disability over and over, and don’t know how. I do not receive any state benefits nor do I want to. I think it is important to vcshow my kids that you can work no matter how sick you may be. On top of all this my car was totalled in december by a young driver not paying attention. My pelvis was fractured as well as several compression fractures in my spine. Through all this I only missed like 2 days of work. I am trying so hard to make a good life for my boys who are 10 and 13. I don’t know what to bdo anymore. My credit is so bad due to extreme medical bills that I can’t even get accepted to rent a place, even if I could afford it on 9.75 an hour. My ex- husband is no help, he has only made the situation worse by putting his foreclosure on my credit. I can’t do anything about my situation right now. I don’t even have a car to get to my many doctos appointments or to work. But my sons would love to meet you. I would like them to see that there is good in the world. Not only bad news all the time. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me. I don’t have an email all I have is a cell phone. The number is (405)881-8651. Thank you again for showing these kids that you can be great at what you do but also be a great person as well

  • rian

    hello my name is rian im 13 yrs. old and i am looking for some advice about my career decision.

  • Dan Parma

    I’ve got a great nickname for you Kevin. How about Kevin “Lights Out” Durant. What happens when there’s thunder? The lights go out!

    What do you think?

  • Willie’s Ñovia ❤

    Hey Durant. I’m a big fan, I been following you for years and I really want to meet you. You have been my role model since day 1 and I support everything you do. I just want to let you know you my future husband if you ain’t know but don’t tell my boyfriend and your fiancé that. You’re just so amazing. Keep doing what your doing and bring home the championship … for me. I love you KD

  • Richard L

    Hey Kevin,
    You were my dad’s favorite player, he cheered for you all the time. He passed away this week and I know he will be rooting for you to win the championship this year.

    Let’s do it for the Big ‘O’ !!!
    Thanks KD

  • sati esmero

    i really like u kevin. i know ur a good person.hope to see u. pls come again im from cebu city family loves u so

  • Monzello

    You’re a good dude Kevin Durant. Keep up the great work.


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