Nike Zoom KD IV Black/White-Varsity Royal Available Now

Take a look at the Black/White-Varsity Royal colorway of KD’s Nike Zoom KD IV signature. The Nike Zoom KD IV features Nike’s Zoom Air, Adaptive Fit and Hyperfuse technologies. Click on the photo below to pick up the shoe at

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  • lpool19

    Your smallest and biggest fan wants to know how he can get KD nike bb shoes in his size?? No youth sz 1 avail? 

  • javier andres farfan galindo

    Kevin Durant.
    I am a 13 year old located somewhere in the city of Neiva, Huila, Colombia train basketball (guard position) and am writing this letter to you can give me your shirt or tennis.


    Att: Javier Andres Farfan Galindo


    Facebook: Javier Andres Farfan Galindo

  • javier andres farfan galindo

    I can answer during the week

    The size of my shoes is 13

    Deshacer cambios

  • Kda2

    KD -

    Hope this gets to you as you have always a down-to-earth guy (loved the note you left that was found in Austin recently). My buddy and I are Lehigh Alums that live in Dallas and we came up with a youtube video “Lehigh beat Duke” and was hoping you would help spread the message if you like the song!

    We are planning to donate some of the itunes to the Lehigh scholarship fund. Love the shoes and would love a tweet as well!



  • Cachecraig

    Wow those are clean!! Your my favorite player and the best in the NBA by far! Can i get a follow bach on twitter @cashbeballin:twitter 

  • Rhonda Baker

    Hey Kevin! Want to say how proud I am of you! I am a die-hard OU Sooner fan who says to all OKI’s “Let the man love his Longhorns! Would you cheer for the Longhorns if you played basketball for the Mavericks? I don’t think so! “. You are a wonderful role model Kevin! I love that you are now playing for the OKC Thunder! Now Oklahoma is benefitting from your talent and Koodo’s to your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt and your Coach who instilled the Love of God and Mankind into you! Give my best to all the Thunder players and Good Luck tonight and through the rest of the season! God’s Blessings on you and those you Love. — Including your Longhorns! GO SOONERS!!!!! PS: OU and Longhorns CAN get along. until he was about 12 my Grandson James was an OU fan because his Nani was. now he wears his Longhorn shirt and I wear my Sooner shirt. He lives in San Angelo TX

  • cj

    mr. durant im really i big fan of yours.. if anything your my role modle and id just love to talk with you or if anything meet you!  if you have an xbox live my GT is x Siick Studd please send me a freind request or a message… im also really good at baseball and if i keep working hard one of the first things i wanna do is go hang out or chill with you! so please mesage me on twitter @cjbaseball21 facebook cj bush lexington ky or xbox… you already got that;) please read this and message me please!

  • mitch

    i like these new kd’s dont know where to buy them.

  • mitch

     i’m glad you cleared that up about lil wayne. I live here and my son and i can’t get tickets when it’s sold out. We support you all when it’s not the playoffs. So lil wayne should chill on that and remember where he came from.

     Thanks for what you guys bring to okc, much love

  • GoLadyEagles

    Kevin you and your team suck it took official to let you win the series against the Spurs.  Tonight they called it 50 50 first half and officials gave you game in second half.  I lost respect for you not winning games team wise and taking officials help.  Or did you do that your entire time at Texas.  OKC can hold their heads high buying their way to finals .  Seattle never cheated for their title.  I am praying Heat can win that series and James can’t hammer your team.  I bet at least 50% of your wins at home were given to you.  I hope KG takes your cheating bum out. 

  • GoLadyEagles

    OKC I hope when twister season starts next time Texas sends you extra ones you cheating socialists,

  • Mbachety

    You are still much loved and missed in Seattle. Best of luck!

  • Luca

    PLUSH royals. I am a kid from England, you are very popular here and you are one of my favorite players. Arguably the best three point shooter in the world you won America the World Championships. Beat Lebron!


  • Luca

    thats a load o crap


    You must not watch the games, your are just mad kevin durant beat your team, OKC DOESN’T FLOP TONY PARKER , KOBE ,AND LEBRON DO, YOU NEED TO WATCH THE GAMES AGAIN.

  • Etta

    make a women shoe and ill love you for ever

  • Roxanne


    Love your sportmanship! You and your team should be proud of what you have accomplished because alot of fans are proud of you. Next Year is your year!

    Keep up the hard work!


  • jesus in 1st place.
  • LaShonda Moore

    i love yhu DURANT ur a gifted player and ur time to shine is coming keep going hard becuz ur a BEAST out there forever a fan ya dig <3

  • Sss07c

    KD, if you were Jamaican, we’ll be related. However, I just want to say that you are a true man. I appreciate your ability to express yourself and I am so proud of you. Today for James, tomorrow for you. Keep up the great work and remember who gave you your talent. Integrity goes a long way my friend. By the way, you will receive your championship!

  • Trey-Mac

    You are my favorite player. Your backpack inspires me and I want it really bad. Are u ever gonna start selling it? I want one really bad!!!

  • buddjsss


  • Tom

    Kevin you should watch this, it would mean the world to the person in the video

  • Couch mom

    I bought my son a pair of ur shoes in December and I’m sad to say they are coming apart all ready I’m ver disappointed in these shoes I will not b purchasing anymore and will stick to buying what I did before Jordan’s or Lebron it’s a shame they are messing up

  • Ben Park

    Where can i buy these?

  • Zay34

    Does Kevin Durant stay in Oklahoma his whole career or does he get a group like LeBron did and create a superteam?

  • MC

    i love u KD :D

  • @meilychang


    i hope i can see you soon :)

    I am your big fan :)

    i love u KD :D

  • @meilychang

    good luck for the next game KD :)

  • NBA

    Hey i liked you but you are a hater why you hating
    on Dwade bad sportsmanship KD you a hater
    straight up

  • Sport center

    Dwade is a three time champion a final MVP for him to be over 30 still accomplishing that’s great remember dwade suffer a lot of injury for you to say he don’t deserve to be in top ten that was disrespectful what did James Harden prove yet nothing he a good player but haven’t prove any thing yet and he choked during the 2012 finals when yall went against the heat he didn’t show up what happen.KD you have stats but you not a champion i didn’t know you was a hater im buying your shoes any moregmore at all. What im saying play the game don’t be an hater and as far as I’m concerned that’s Westbrook team without Westbrook OKC is garbage KD had a lot of respect for you but not any more Lebron wanna be you could never be LeBron I’ve been watching basketball for us but you the first NBA player to hate on another player
    It’s on fb that you hating on Dwade.

  • AAA

    Kevin I need help proposing to my girl! Email

  • Jawed Dimaranan Dabu

    your are great player huh…

  • Truth

    Kevin, what do you plan to do about Lil B and the slaughter that you will endure when you meet him on the basketball court? BaseGod?


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