Sour Patch life


What do you know about the sour patch blends??? Fuel to get me through road trips! lol

What’s your favorite candy?


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  • MD


    My kid loves Sour Patch. Whats yout favorite flavor?


  • Dbgardner9

     Definitely Peachie-o’s,


  • Diane Samuels

    No u need to try some Dove chocolates! They are the best!
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  • Anonymous


  • CandaceB

    Sour patch also happen to be my favorite candy and you happen to be my favorite NBA player, how about that?! And I am wondering when you plan, if ever, to have women’s shoes in your collection? just a thought.

  • Cachecraig

    Man its all about the sourpatch watermelons! but i give you props on those, their pretty good!

  • Williamsaustin36

    my favorite candy is cookies n cream hershey’s

  • Basketballnba123

    Mr. Durant, UR AMAAZING!!!! I had a dream of making it to the NBA. But, its not happening. Im 15 and a 5 foot 9 PG, with amazing handles (thats the only reason i wont be able to make it). How did you grow to be that tall? Reply back and i will give u my email to tak with u! Love you Mr.Durant. Keep working

    Pgballer13 :)  

  • Sperling Monroe

    KEVIN Great series With the spurs i Called that 4 and 2 series this is the mixtape version but we are going to remake it in like 2 weeks by then you should be finish with the eastern conference… Great ballin my dude SPERLING OUT!!! CHECK OUT UR SONG

  • Sperling Monroe

    and about the candy i mess with the sour patches lol …. but take a chance on the greatest group ever to sign on ur label SPERLING MONROE … WE have HITS

  • Shavon Washington

    Oh yea 4 and 2…Congrates, all support for you and the team. My favorite candy are payday, sour patch kids, Reese’s peanut butter cups, sour/tropical skittles, and peanut M&M’s….but you know its all about the watermellon flavor…omg so good….lol

  • Hanie_love4

    kd, u seem lyk a rly interestin’ person. i lyk d@. my all-time fav. candy is twix

  • Angelita

    my favorite candy is anything chocolate…mmmm!  btw, just want to say congrats to the Thunder team for their hard work and winning the western conf. I totally have confidence in you all winning the finals. just remember to keep God first in your life and be sure to give Him honor and glory. also continue to remain humble! 

  • Channon

    My favorite is … Reese’s .. OH the love I have for them.. lol

  • Timmmmaaaayyyyy!!!!!

    Congratulations on your fantastic game Kevin. LeBron sucks the big one. You guys rule! Oklahoma City Thunder!!! YAY!   Oh I like Snickers and M&M’s. I am a chocolate junkie.

  • Anonymous

    love sour patch wen im at the movies

  • Shawthorne1983

    Skittles :-) Great game the other night looking forward to tomorrow! 1-1 time to put that win to the side and win 3 more! Love watching you play!

  • MQV3

    Sour patch kids are the bomb!  I like how humble you are bro!! You can tell Christ is the lead in your life! Continue to follow the path he has for you!  You will WIN games that you don’t expect in life! Believe that you are a CHAMPION!!!  Joshua 1:5

  • Wllmssheila2003

    We all like candy KD.  Whatever gets you through.  I think you’re a awesome player and great man of God.  I love your spirit and sportsmanship.  Continue to press forward, there are many championship trophies & rings in your future.  But you might not want to become a chef, could use some improvement on those cooking skills LOL!

  • Jessica

    Hey Kevin. What you know about sour patch blends….lol. Those are my favorite. I love how you play the game. You are an awesome man of God, leader and teammate. May God continue to give you wisdom and understanding in all things that you go forth in. I will keep you in prayer and I hope that you and OKC win the FINALS!!!!! #TeamDurant

  • Gisselle

    Your amazing in everyway. God Bless you always.

  • Mercedes

    oOoOo I love those and the Harribo Gummi bears too. Mmm!!!LoL You are the best thing to ever step foot on a basketball court #HandsDown! You’re competitors know that if they’re not ready to play then don’t even suit up! You bring energy, technique and excitement to every game…I LOVE IT!!! YOU ARE FOREVER AND ALWAYS A CHAMPION IN MY HEART !!! Keep doing what you do hun for you do it oh so well ! <3  -#1FaN

  • Jasmine Cobbs

    You love sour patches too we were made 4 each other lol. I love u soooooo much!!!!! More then a fan!! the future Mrs. Durant 4real!!!

  • Jasmine Cobbs

    oh yea one more thing u shud come up wit ur own candy the KD candy nd that would be my favorite but until den Sour patches will do lol

  • Bevkay99

    Starburst (originals) – You were great in the playoffs.  You gave everything that you had.  I felt your heart for the game.  I hurt for you in the loss as you hugged your Mom.  I need a sensitive guy like that for my beautiful daughter.  I am ready for some grandkids. (lol) Honestly, I am really am hoping that she will meet someone locally, but you put your heart out there and it was great to see in the times that live in.  Most young stars are a little arrogant and it was refreshing to see the “Love for the game” from you. I know that you wanted to win, but you have sooooo much to be proud of. I see multiple championships for you, so look to the future. Btw, my daughter likes skittles (the candy-she’s straight)

  • Kaitlyn

    Sour Patch Kids…I’m a Lakers fan, but I really wanted the Thunder to win. Good luck next year!

  • Cgadson

    Hey Kevin, do you actually respond to fans? Guess we will see.

  • Cgadson

    Do you respond to fans? Guess we will find out soon. :)

  • Kaitlyn

    Kevin Durant > Lebron James

  • natasha

    hi. I’m a big fan. I loved your energy in the playoffs. Pls follow me on twitter @Tasha_Rosie

  • SwagaahDhatLikeJade

    follow me on twitter @PinkkyJade plzzz…n BTW my volleyball and soccer number was 35.

  • mike zhao

    i live in texas and im a huge ut and thunder fan. plz follow me on twitter @mikmanzhao. Go OKC!!!!!!

  • Julie

    I like Twix and Snickers Almond (I’m allergic to peanuts.).  You did a great job in the Finals!!  I’ll be praying for you.  :-)

  • Jordanguyballin

    i have no clue how to start off what i want to say but the only thing i have really been wanting is a kevin durant backpack ihave looked almost every were for one thats my dream 

  • Anonymous

    i love sour patch

  • Anonymous

    Damn KD

  • mikzman


  • Melissamcqueen56

    hey big fan so is my borther its all most his brithday so i was if you can sen him a  autograph basketball

  • Emily

    hey kevin! im your biggest fan ever. i play basketball everyday and i hope to be in the WNBA in the future. You are a great inspiration and i wish i was as talented as you! please respond! it would mean the world to me! ps congrats on getting gold

  • CaraWiggins

    Hey Kevin, I know this is far fetched, but my fiance is just a huge fan of yours. He loves the Thunder more than anything, probably even me! :) We are getting married on Sept 21, 2013 (a whole year from now)- in OKC. I just thought it would be amazing if we could surprise him with you showing up for just a little bit at the reception. If this is at all possible, will you please email me?
    -Cara W.

  • Guest

    My favorite candy is the Hersey’s Cookies and Cream White Milk Chocolate Bar…. mmmm….mmmm…. something about smooth chocolate no matter the color gets my taste buds crying for more!

  • Tristan Dior

    My favorite candy has got to be the Hersey’s White Mil Chocolate Bar… Chocolate is good no matter the color… Looking for some Purple Chocolate to be in stores next! Especially sometime next Easter!

  • Owen42424

    Your my fav player of all time Go OKC!!!! I live in mn

  • Sosobelle

    I am a huge fan of KD, all the way from Nigeria. I hope to meet him formally someday or even get invited to see a live match. God bless ya

  • Micah

    My favorite candy is gobstoppers

  • Ashley

    My favorite candy is Kevin durant. Watching his games get me through a long hard day..

  • martina

    My 12 year old son loves Sour Patch kids too. How can I get him an autograph. He’s a huge fan. Keep up those 29.3 points per game and 7.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game.

  • Anonymous
  • Tata Kavlashvili

    I’ve never eaten that candy to be honest but hope it’s fuel to get you through Superfinals!

  • loveisbeautiful

    i normally wouldn’t do this but i had a dream about you last night and i cant get you out of my head. Honestly i don’t really watch basketball anymore but i do love the sport, but it was so weird dreaming about you. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do and god bless you.

  • Caden

    Kevin, you will probably never see this but in case you do, after watching you play, and seeing your interviews, your human compassion from your visit to the children’s hospital, your a true class act, and the best player to hit the NBA in more then 20 years, being a Boston Celtics fan my whole life you have converted me and my 2 son’s to being OK City fans thanks for bring class back to the NBA

  • David2200

    Hi Kevin,

    I know you probably won’t read this, but I am doing a project on you in my 7th grade English class and I need to ask you 10 interview questions. If you have the time please email me at: You have no idea how much this would mean to me. Thank you.


    P.S. good luck with your season!

  • Mercy

    You really should post another blog. You look handsome in glasses and I am a fan of sour warms.. :P

  • derrick bowen

    @KDTrey5 my name is latoya whitehead my antwon was 6’6 180 lbs honor student at carver high in columbus GA he was a big fan of yours he collapsed after dunking the ball at practice he worked hard on and off the court he just passed on sept 7 2013 at 15 he was buried with your hat and shoes those was his favorite colors if you could contact me that would be lovely 7063320519

  • Derrick E. Vaughan

    KDiculous 35 the NBA MVP. Nice 41 points vs. Melo and the Knicks. The MVP is your KD you deserve it man.


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