I hate having a cold!


What’s good? Just got back from our third straight win. Feeling great mentally, but I caught a cold. I hate being sick, but I guess this is just cold and flu season. Anyone else sick right now?


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  • Bryan

    I haven’t been able to stay healthy this winter. 

  • Ryann

    The win had to make a feel better. Theraflu does wonders. 

  • Biancascampos

    I live in santa barbara California will you ever come out for an event or something I want an autograph!????

  • TayPooh-432

    Goshh i wish i wass your lady :(

  • Morgan

    What’s good… I live in Georgia  and I work at a Mental Health facility.. I have a few clients that really  loveeee you…. is there any way that you can send the guys an autographed pic for our wall.


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