Kevin Durant Hits Game Winner to Lead the Thunder Over the Mavericks

KD had his 4th straight 30 point game to start the 2012 season, helping the Thunder defeat the defending NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. KD’s performance was topped off by a great game winning 3 pointer. The three pointer came following Vince Carter hitting a three pointer in the final seconds that looked like it would end up being the game winner for the Mavs. That is, until KD got one last shot.

The Thunder have started the season with 4 straight victories. They’ll take on the Pheonix Suns in OKC on Saturday night.

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  • Jake Severe

    #first.  Best player in the NBA

  • Nick Naifeh

    Best basketball game I have ever been to. Thank you Kevin Durant, thank you very much.

  • Szczepan

    Great shot, buzzer beaters are the unique thing brilliant players do with the cold blood.

  • Calvin T. Mann II

    They must not have seen your summer highlights. I knew it was going in!

  • Abrow042

    Cold-Blooded Assassin…

  • C Bosx

    my favorite player to miami heat    lebron james dwane wade crish bosh sa

  • MsBran

    I can’t stop watching this play!!! God has definitely blessed you with that playing ability! Let’s get that ring this season

  • Bach Rattler

    i knew it was going in

  • Skimp89

    THUNDER UP….. number one in da league

  • erick

    Best NBA player now!

  • Perryonbarksdale

    man i love kd bro he is the best player in the NBA in up in class i am writing ABOUT HIM P.S perryon barksdale

  • Tyson jolly

    kevin durant is a great player great role model for everyone he would be the perfect person to be like better yet you can strive to be better !!

  • okc

    KD= Role Model, Future Hall of Famer, MVP and in my opinion HANDS DOWN BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA! he is pure inspiration 

  • Makelldavis

    a beast

  • Makelldavis

    thank you i agree 100% bro kd all day

  • Haley Howze

    BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haley Howze

     Buzzer Beater. KD is a beast!

  • Mark

    kd is the best 

  • Rankin814


  • Rankin814

    hes going to make that boothy clap

  • Rankin814

    molly like pedro

  • kingfluke18

    His the best ever in the NBA

  • Assasinathan

    Thunder rulez

  • Saint Spice


  • Mzfeb0186

    Your one of my best player…..

  • Annalise

    MY BABY. <3

  • jihad amons

    im 12 i going to be better than kd even tho his my favorite player and hes on my favorite team best nba player ever

  • John Piere P. Laurente

    I agreed on you 101% bro @KDTrey5 is the best player in the world today

  • jaydogg57

    that was sick

  • Jacob

    Best player for sure ps hope 2 be like u 1day

  • Okc rox

    Great person, great player, great team=KD. He is inspring. I play basketball myself and when I can’t make practice ill be watching videos of KD to get better

  • Webster10


  • por/okc

    You are correct

  • Suraj

    Go KD he is the man

  • Jack Welch

    WOW! KD is a buzzer beater. He is the best player in the NBA and he still has a long career in in front of him.

  • Kevin Durant

    1 word: Beast Mode

  • andy tavarez

    the best

  • Felix Samuel Escalera Pizarro

    Men U Need More confidence in ur shoot ure the best no doubt about tht u need shoot and shoot and shoot ure the best, if u wanna win the playoffs u need make some 3 pointers ……I come to You #pride brooo…… purposely check your new meme lol

  • Raymond Evans

    KD you is my HERO

  • future WNBA player

    go KD you rock

  • brock

    he is a beast

  • sean

    Wat up kd you are the best basketball player ever

  • sean

    Kd going for the long three SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! the crowd gos wild

  • Thor

    Love his shoes :) they feel great ! Go to sneaker news and you’ll see up coming KD shoes .


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