Nike Zoom KD IV Official Launch Information

UPDATE: The Nike Zoom KD IV is now available at

Launching December 3, the Nike Zoom KD IV features the new Adaptive Fit system, Hyperfuse construction and a Zoom Air unit – a versatile combination for one of basketball’s most electric players.

The Nike Zoom KD IV was built to the exact specifications of Durant, who is closely involved in the design process with Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director Leo Chang. Chang has led the design for all four of Durant’s Nike signature shoes since 2008. Incorporated for the first time in a basketball shoe, the new Adaptive Fit system provides a lock-down fit with a synthetic strap that wraps up from the inside of the upper and integrates with the laces for superior fit and lateral support.

The Hyperfuse construction on the upper is a composite of three different layers of material that are fused together using a pressing process to create a nearly seamless, one-piece upper that is lightweight, breathable and durable. Furthermore, the Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot provides lightweight, low-profile and responsive cushioning. Lastly, a low collar design provides optimal support and flexibility through the ankle and makes this a versatile shoe for multiple positions on the court.

As Kevin evolves as a basketball player so do his shoes. “First and foremost my shoe needs to be comfortable – it felt like I had been playing with them the whole season. The Adaptive Fit system is a customized feel and locks me in,” said Durant.

Designed with direct insights from Kevin Durant and his lineage, the Nike Zoom KD IV pays tribute to his team and family with details incorporated into the outsole including a lightning bolt traction pattern representing KD’s team and “Big Chucky” on the heel which pays tribute to KD’s late childhood mentor and coach. The initials “WP” in the shape of a heart on each toe represent Kevin’s parents and “Barbara” is his grandmother’s name. Personal messages as “Work Hard” and “Stay Focused” are printed also on the outsole.

The Nike Zoom KD IV is available at retailers globally beginning December 3, 2011.

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  • Rellhell203

    Where can I buy them from

  • Davis_bobby2

    So when will the nerfs be released I been on them since the first pictures surfaced

  • Egbertsfv

    Will we be able to get them before Christmas? My son would love them! 

  • Deesil22

    Youth sizes too?


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  • Ostaelevant

    I’ll be getting them!
    Before they came out, I imagined what kind of shoes I need. These are exactly what I need!!! 

  • markwhittaker

    These are the sickest shoes ive ever seen im getting em and ballin like KD

  • Courtney

       I really want the Nerf editions for this upcoming basketball season, but I don’t know when they’re going to be released. I am a girl sixteen years of age, and I LOVE basketball. I have all Honors classes and have all A’s this semester. I plan to major  in engineering once college comes. Oh yeah, if Kevin Durant is reading this, I would like to say, “OKC is my favorite team, and I hope to be as good as you this year on my Varsity squad.” – Your welcome.

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  • Basketerik

    when will they come in a green colorway? 

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  • Stormchasr16

    when will the Weatherman be available to buy?

  • Sconiersn

    I want the backpack KD..!!

  • Amelia

    I dont think its fair to allow people to reserve there pair of weatherman sneakers before the release date, some people dont live near a house of hoops just not fair..

  • Brandon Pace

    where can i get a nerf t shirt


    i want these shoes so bad but i dont know how to order them

  • Nate Jones

    You can pick them up here:

  • TheodorKD4

     better than KB 6 or 7

  • K_kboom5

    These are stud like me and KD!!!

  • PLLY

    got em today runs so small try 1 siz lg 

  • Susie

    hi where can i purchase your shoes at a pair for my nephew :)

  • Robertsek

    where can I get this

  • Monstertruck

    ya i have 2 pairs and they are awesome 

  • Gaelswagger

    just got them and i feel like im gonna break ankles at my saturday games

  • Gaelswagger

    foot locker thats where i bought mine

  • Tifah

    Are these ever going to be released again???

  • Tifah

    where’d you find them, if you don’t mind me asking

  • Ajayjaruealex

    they are amazing

  • Sue

    I know you are playing your hardest in the London Olympic trying to bring home the gold. However I’m here in America trying my
    hardest to find a store that carries the KD IV and again like last year, I’m
    having a hard time finding them.  I have contacted every Foot Locker in
    the Atlanta Area only to get the same answer, “We don’t carry them.”  

    would think that by you making it to the playoffs and playing in the Olympics that I would not have such a tough time finding them in the local

    did contact the Nike online store in which they did have them available but not
    in a size 13.5.

    will keep trying because my son is true to his KD’s 3yrs strong.

    Keep an eye on Russia
    J  and bring home the GOLD

  • Jakebrasher

    how much are they

  • Lawrence Abella

    How much The KD 4 ?

  • Lawrence Abella

    PLs. Reply

  • Ralph Dionisio

    How much is this? :) )

  • mrclutch

    why dont they have some kds iv in kids sizes because i think those r the best kds

  • Bree

    Do they come in kids sizes ??

  • Sue

    Why can’t you find the kd elite socks anywhere? My grandson wants a pair so badly

  • Dinman95

    Where can I buy these shoes????

  • Kat W Eashappie

    KD is a quality player, with SKILLS/HEART/DRIVE. The Thunder are poised to go all the way this year. They got the big men under the basket (Perkins, Sefolosha, Collison) who have really come together as the perfect complement for KD and RW.
    We have been great fans of the Thunder since we went to the playoffs a couple of years ago and we watch games here in Canada. We send out our support on FB & our FB friends are jumping on the THUNDERTrain and the number of fans is growing every week.
    Shout out also to Devin Tyler, Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL football Grey Cup Champion(Canadian SuperBowl), also a Washington DC athletics product.


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