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What’s good everyone? I know I’ve blogged about this in the past, but for me, talking about music never gets old. Especially since there’s always fresh stuff coming out on a regular basis.

Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know I have two artists that I basically listen to all the time: Privaledge and Dave East. Those guys are really good friends of mine. I’m really passionate about music and I know they are, too. I really think they can go far in this industry, so I listen to those guys a lot.

I’ve also been listening to Mac Miller. Me and him became friends not too long ago. Kendrick Lamar, I’ve gotten to know him a little bit as well. Wiz Khalifa, a lot of the new guys.

Of course I listen to the Lil’ Waynes, Jay Zs and Fabolouses, Joe Budden – I listen to guys like that. But I like to see the new guys come in and take the torch from those guys. New school guys like J Cole as well. Guys like him, their flow is on another level. They get me excited, they get me hyped to play the game. I don’t know if they know it or not, but they’ve really helped me a lot this year and play at the highest level. They give me some energy.

So who are you guys listening to right now? Anyone I should check out? Anyone that can get me hyped?


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  • RJonsson

    Im feeling JCole as well, Im anticipating his album. He recently came to my city, put on a good show

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PI4JIDXVDXDYDESMM2ESLYLGGM TeNaj

    Are you good friends with Wale as well? I know you were on his mixtape, More About Nothing.


    Lil B- Live From Da Hood best song out #tybg.

  • SPinna87

    Mac Miller and Wiz are bomb…

  • Shmuck2210


  • Langahhassam

    Big Sean!!!!

  • DrakeS

    @jsbackus Is the hottest new artist out of Oklahoma..lookout for his mixtape coming soon

  • jklaz58

    Listen to big k.r.i.t! Dude is fire!

  • Aanshm

    Free boosie!!

  • Bareisr1026

    If you havent already… Dave matthews band… Especially live they are awesome if you like to chill out and jam a little at the same time

  • http://twitter.com/TheKidKhughes Kevin Hughes

    The Game’s Purp and Patron mixtape is very good.. getting me excited for The Red Album.

  • http://twitter.com/KyannaLashae Kyanna J.#GoPackGo

    Listen to Lecrae,his flow will blow you away!

  • Missmissanonymous


  • Matrick_23

    Big Sean, Wiz, Mac miller, and j. Cole.

  • Jmhoff17

    Try listening to machine gun kelly.. usually listen to him while I workout.. gets me pumped.

  • http://twitter.com/LarryKinkers Lawrence R Kinkaid

    Theophilus London. Muff said

  • Jeffdelmar

    ayomari and tiron are two up and coming artist who I listen to that get me hyped before gametime. you should check them out at http://www.thecafeterialine.com

    you can also follow them on twitter @ayomari and @imtiron

  • http://twitter.com/kdurant35 anıl pehlivan

    kings of leon

  • Swagger1234


  • S Vic1986

    LIL FLIP! Da freestyle king ….He is VERY underrated

  • Brnskinqt69

    I listen to alot of old school vs new school dont get me wrong i love listening to j cole, drake, wale, lil wayne but i like old school rap dj quick, snoop dogg, dr dre, kurupt , 2 pac

  • http://twitter.com/brnskinqt Ky

    I listen to alot of old school vs new school dont get me wrong i love listening to j cole, drake, wale, lil wayne but i like old school rap dj quick, snoop dogg, dr dre, kurupt , 2 pac

  • http://twitter.com/brnskinqt Ky

    I listen to alot of old school vs new school dont get me wrong i love listening to j cole, drake, wale, lil wayne but i like old school rap dj quick, snoop dogg, dr dre, kurupt , 2 pac

  • Beryskate

    Joell Ortiz and Fortune Family on the ipod today

  • http://twitter.com/BobbySDeez Bobby Souvannarath

    I heard you on Wale’s mixtape a while back what was up with that?? haha

  • Throckmorton 8

    Kanye ft lil Wayne big Sean drake – all of the lights remix

  • jizzlebizzle

    Lupe Fiasco is killin it with his new album

  • http://twitter.com/BvilleThundrFan Chris Jones
  • http://twitter.com/benjiu3 benji

    lecrae- chack him out hes awesome his latest album barely came out like 2 months ago!

  • Cjstanenemuo

    Kd you check out rappers like lecrae moore and kambin. They have some really good clean lyrics that hopefully u would enjoy

  • Pairpair100


  • Marlowrr

    All of the Lights remix is hott…check it out

  • Dstep5000


  • Niceguy

    odd future >
    tyler the creator >
    hodgy beats >

    check out bastard by tyler the creator and the dena tape by hodgy beats. and listen to yonkers and sandwitches (ft. hodgy beats) by tyler the creator. you won’t regret.

  • Niceguy

    you won’t regret it* lol.

  • Dgcolgate

    Lupe Fiasco, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii

  • Andrew Gray

    You definitely should check out some Mos Def and Talib Kweli, they both can get me pumped up, especially Mos Def’s album “Black on Both Sides”. Also some Wyclef Jean and Nas, those guys are all really good. Now if you wanna get real pumped up Roy Jones Jr’s track “Can’t be touched” always gets me pumped.

  • Ducky

    Lecrae, PRO, look up reach records any of those artist join the movement.

  • Frank 1491

    lupe fiasco sounds good, and z-ro, trae da truth, le crae…..some good artist

  • DLottchutla

    the Red Lands

  • LizardPolice

    Check out Sur’Ron
    he is from Tulsa and his new ep slays.
    It’s called the Synergy

  • Charlotte

    Childish Gambino ;] ;] ;] ;]

  • http://twitter.com/jermania jrk


  • Achilles


  • Crystal_3187

    Lupeee! :) Lasers

  • Playa_4rm_ctown

    J.Cole and Wiz Khlifa go in.

  • Llfallensoull

    Tito Yoosh

  • Chache1509

    my nigga kd u gotta listen to some lil boosie!!! have u ready to dunk on a nigga!!

  • Johnnyk328

    i strongly suggest you start listening to lupe, his lyrics are mad crazy and they start to blow your mind once you find out the real message of it

  • Bigmac101121


  • EZ

    hey KD, got practice in a couple of hours and the song that gets me hyped right now is raekwon ft. method man ft. ghostface killah – new wu
    here’s a link:
    what do you think about it?

  • Seanmac778

    I am always listening to 2pac – no artist has or will ever do it like Makaveli the Don

  • Corybarnes00

    Thats all she wrote T.I ft. Eminem

  • Ohsosmooth

    I love love J. Cole I listen to Big Sean and Wale as well Lupe Fiasco is amazing but I mainly like my old school stuff like 2Pac Biggie Eazy E Bome Thugz Wu Tang Clan yeah but I also have a more diverse list like Adele Amy Winehouse Corinne Bailey Rae lol

  • colepoland

    big k.r.i.t. and theophilus london

  • pg_ef

    It’s not really my kind of music since I’ve been listening mainly to rock and metal, but if you’re a NBA fan you simply cannot miss rap music. So if I’d have to choose, my favourite artists would be Game, Xzibit and Jay-Z. Of course you can’t miss 2Pac. Sometimes I also listen to Dan Black and K’naan.

  • Big Cat

    big sean and the rest of g.o.o.d. music
    yeezy will always be the king of hip hop

  • 43steelcurtain92

    Freddie Gibbs!

  • Guest

    Wales underrated, Eminem’s coming out with some hot shit every day, Lupes new album is literally aamzing. theres too much good music nowadays.

    on a side note if anyoens into sports check out http://www.americasgotballs.com thanks!

  • Doyley22

    Check out a guy name The Raging Moses…his music is Dope. Another guy is Justified and Zealous. One of the baddest rappers you never heard of.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5MMPC26CNUJE7OY7X4QROCPHYI P Star Be EZ

    Emilio Rojas….almost like J.Cole but not better than my man J.Cole but he’s sick tho

  • Isabellalopez29

    i love that music helps you get pumped out. when i play basketball some good beats do the same :)

  • Skaternater33

    macklemore has some dope songs and wiz khalifa is beast

  • http://twitter.com/atlmuzikfanzinc giveawayinfo

    I’m listening to Travis Porter, Miguel, Chris Brown, Diddy Dirty Money, Big Sean, Wiz, and Hamilton Park Loving these artists right now I’m gone start listening to Lupe soon. I like Kendrick Lamar too, he’s dope.

  • Kasey Kelley

    method man and red man!

  • http://twitter.com/tuchmyballs slurpMeLikeASlurpee


  • http://twitter.com/tuchmyballs slurpMeLikeASlurpee


  • Thunderfan #1!!

    Dude, you rock and i wish i was mathias murphy!!

  • Thunderisawesome

    Good luck tonight against the HEAT (who sucks!) Tell lebron to kiss dwanye and boshs ass

  • Rickymh3

    hell yeah mac miller thumbs in the air

  • http://twitter.com/scottlarrison scottlarrison

    I’d recommend Lecrae as well as PRo. I bumped Rehab in my car for well over a month. You can get PRo’s PSA Mixtape for free at http://www.reachrecords.com/musicmadness/. They rep the gospel, but they can definitely flow with the pros. God bless.

  • http://twitter.com/scottlarrison scottlarrison

    I second that. Check it out KD!

  • kenodiase

    Big Sean, The Cool Kids, Drake, Kanye , Travis Porter,Wiz, Tupac, Biggie, Waka Flocka, Gucci, The Game, YG, 50 Cent, Chip Tha Ripper

  • Rhmillett

    Take it back old school and rock some Gang Starr…

  • Bsanger332


  • Dustin_mccall2008

    TECH N9NE check him out!

  • Robert Antoniu

    Hate all this Gimmick rappers !
    Slaughterhouse is gunna be bombin the future! Get the underground king Papoose!

    Recently i am listening to sum Blu & Exile !

  • kenodiase

    Pac Div(Check Them Out), Mac Miller, Jay-Z,

  • KidCanada13

    Lupe Fiasco

  • 617292038

    Are you KD?Really?I’m a chinese boy.

  • Crockett194

    Yup lacrae is tight he’s a Christian artist but is amazing album is called rehab.

  • http://twitter.com/DJJLarge DJJLarge

    I mean Lecrae

  • http://twitter.com/DJJLarge DJJLarge

    Lecrea and PRo!!!

  • Christopher Harwick

    Ratatat, mac miller, shwayze & Cisco mini mixtape is chilll as fuck

  • Cojohn01

    Jeremih’s whole CD that came out in 2009 is really good, and 50 has been on some good stuff as of late as well. K-os – Sunday Morning, Ron Artest – Champions (ha) actually sick, Pleasure P, Souls of Mischief, Smif n Wesson- Bucktown, some stuff you might not of heard.

    P.s. The say aah video is so awesome! ha

  • Jpdavis1982

     KD yeah man you gotta check out Lecrae. Also PRo, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Canon, Katalyst,KB. Good luck against the Mavs. Tie it up!

  • HopiNative

    XV,Kendrick Lamar,Tyler the Creator,Odd Future,Joey Bada$$. These guys have some nice flows..

  • UTFanATX

    ASAP Rocky will blow your mind and make you play great! Check him out!

  • slayden pearce

    hey kd i’m a big fan and i listen to the same songs and artist.

  • Brian

    Most def lecrae. Listen to gravity, gets me pumped


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