Kevin Durant Signature Moves

Throughout the summer, Kevin has tweeted daily about being in the gym and working on his game. Well, KD and Nike got together to show fans and young ball players some off some of the moves KD works on. Check them out below:

The 62

Counter 62


Kobe Move

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  • Srobbins

    HERO! Get it done, Son!

  • fro

    Simple, effective, and unstoppable. People be like “that's all he do???” and KD still go and get 30+ a game. That is talent.

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  • Brandon Cason

    Good stuff….got to get better right? As a fan I love how you are a gym rat because is shows the focus and determination that is missing in alot of stars

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  • Andrew haley

    any tips on ball control

  • yt10

    That Kobe move is not for everyone.

  • Sfcbarca21

    you can't have ur signature moves be called the kobe move, thats kobe's move not yours

  • shhhh!

    and you can get off kobes knob now too!

  • Luis_basket91

    This moves are so amazing Kevin!! best wishes from Spain!!

  • Tommy

    you traveled in the kobe move video….

  • warsame mohamed

    your a beast those moves shouldnt be allowed

  • Lil25kirk

    man yall need 2 hop off kobe knob because real ball players know that good ball players use other great players moves from time to time… and f.y.i. kobe borrowed the “kobe move” from MJ… does the name “MJ Fade Away” ring a bell

  • Mothermary1707

    100% GOOD.

  • Anthony

    For real man. MJ mastered that Move. Kobe brought it back and KD is simply using it to his advantage. Even Kobe has said it before, Good Players evolve into great players by studying those players before themselves. You gotta pay tribute because not everyone can come up with an original move now a days. Its a matter of how you work it into your game. And KD if anything is paying homage to Kobe by calling it the KOBE move. He didn't call it the KD move. . . Learn your basketball.

  • dae

    hes only 22 he grew up watchin kobe. In '98 when kobe was a rookie kd was 10

  • Bbuilder

    Wilt Chamberlain started using it way before Jordan.

  • bgfor3

    wow act like you know, seeing how he is showing us step by step retard


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