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What’s going on everyone? I’m still out in China with Nike Basketball. I’m gonna give a more detailed update when I get back, but I had to mention my basketball clinic at the base of the Great Wall of China. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be participating in something like that.

Here are some more photos from the trip so far.

Man, I can’t keep up with all the free agency talk and speculation. It’s all a big guessing game and we’re still weeks away! Really, it doesn’t come as a surprise because this is going to be one of the biggest years for free agents in a long time. Even my grandma is asking about it!

Obviously you’ve got arguably the best player in the game, LeBron James, set to be a free agent and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki right up there as well. There’s a lot of guys who are going to be free agents this summer that everyone’s going to want on their teams, but not just the big names. There’s Matt Barnes, Jason Kapono, Kyle Korver, guys like that. And you really can’t overlook those guys.

It’s going to be interesting to see where everyone go. With so many free agents it’s kind of like a video game, just choosing guys you want on your team. It should be fun to watch and when you throw the draft in there it should be an entertaining summer all around. You just never know what’s going to happen, where LeBron might go or if he and D-Wade are going to team up or if three of them might team up, so you never know.

As a player I’m going to look to see where those guys are going and then say something like, ‘well we’ve played those guys four times and now we’ll only see them twice.’ So as players we’re all anxious to see where everyone’s going to go.

As far as my take on where some players might end up, I think D-Wade is going to stay in Miami, I think Bosh will go join him in Miami and I think with LeBron… it’s either Chicago or Cleveland. Now, that’s just what I think. Just my guesses. Of course, you never know.

And I know all of you have your own opinions and theories on where players will end up, so let me know what’s on your mind in my comments section.

Thunder Up!


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  • Justin D.

    i think the thunder should pick up chris bosh or dirk if he doesnt go back to the mavs and put jeff green as your back up. i think he is a more natural sf than pf then you guys can pretty much pick up the best player on the board in the draft cus the team is so deep. i cant wait to see what happens

  • AP


  • Thomas30

    I agree with Justin in the fact that Jeff Green is more comforable playing SF than PF. I think Green should play backup SF, behind you, and be our 6th man. And I believe the Thunder should draft a C (Solomon Alabi is a perfect fit). And as for PF, the Thunder should acquire David Lee. Lee, as well as Alabi, makes a perfect addition for the Thunder, if you consider the cost, being unselfish and coachable, and being a team player. …Just my opinion.

  • William

    It would be amzing if lebron signed with the thunder cuz you guy would be the number 1 seat in the play off. PS the lakers got lucky

  • carline mari

    lol tell your grandma i said hi! ;) its so nice to know you had a great time at the great wall in china. What a great experience that must of been! i think that lebron will stay in cleveland and d-wade will also stay in miami. not sure of where chris bosh might go but i am sure he will go to the team who is offering him the most amount of money. I also think that derk will stay in dallas because of all that money they are offering him i dont think he will turn it down and plus, it is a hell of alot more money he will getting offered from any other team and way more then what he would have ever imagine making in his own country playing professional baksetball…

  • joshua obile


  • Victoria

    I agree with your predictions specifically about Lebron, it'll definitely be interesting. I'd like to see Matt Barnes stay in Orlando because I think he fits well with what they have going on down there. D-Wade belongs in Miami, it'll be hard to see him in any other uniform! Like you i'm excited to see it all go down! :)

  • Dai

    Don't get fined by the Commish.

  • Bronson

    LOL the Thunder dont need lebron… we got DURANTULA!!! Im pretty happy with the moves made by this organization lately and will be happy with this year as well… I'm hoping for a shooter or two… maybe korver or kapono… or steal reddick from orlando>>> think hes restricted? not sure… GO THUNDER!!!


    The new big 3 in NY, LBJ + DW + CB !!!

  • Tony

    LeBron and Wade both stay but get new teammates. Bosh goes to Lakers in a sign and trade for Bynum.

  •!/profile.php?id=100001146964959 IMPALO

    By me being a BULLS fan i really DONT wanna see james on the team. rather him go to NY or something. but i am hoping to see kevin durant in a bulls jersey!!

  • Noah

    I think you should do whatever you can to get bosh in OKC. He would have been the difference in the Lakers series… maybe. If you could convince Presti to sign him, or another effective big man (boozer, Amar'e, Dirk(kinda), etc.) you guys would really be a force to reckon with in the west. As a Celtics fan that scares me, as a KD fan (and an NBA fan) that makes me really excited.

  • Cassidy Quinn

    I think all the free agents should move to Seattle and start their own team (and bring you back with them)!

  • He Got Game

    Thunder sign Amir Johnson as free agent

  • ihc95

    The Knicks are gonna sign 2 max players. Ideally we get Bosh and LeBron but you never know. As far as the Thunder, I believe David Lee would be a great fit. As a Knick fan, I've seen him play a lot and he is a terrific team player and a genuine 20-10-5 guy. Btw he's a great passer like Gasol.

  • ihc95

    David Lee would be a great fit for the Thunder. He's a great scorer, rebounder, and passer. Hopefully the Knicks get Bosh and LeBron.

  • DW3KD35

    if bosh goes to the lakers they will be a fantasy team! d-wade will stay in miami (i hope) i hope that amar'e or bosh join d-wade to win a title, that's a guarantee. and KD35 will stay in OKC yeyah!

  • RVN

    Knicks: Bron/Bosh
    Heat: Wade/Boozer
    Bulls: Johnson
    Suns: Amare
    Mavs: Nowitzki
    Raptors: Lee – would be a great fit in OKC, but your GM has done an excellent job so far filling holes through the draft. Keep it up!

  • MasonsBrew

    KD, I don't care where anyone else ends up as long as you and the rest of our Thunder stay right here in OKC. Last season the world got a sneak peak at what an amazing team Presti, Brooks, and the rest of the staff are growing here. THUNDER UP!!!



  • MasonsBrew

    <—This is the worst idea ever typed. Seatle should move on.

  • HEAT FAN 3

    Wade stays in miami bosh or amar'e goes to miami as well

    Sorry KD I like you a lot but Heat 2011 NBA CHAMP

  • aaUCBruin

    here are some bold predictions:

    Suns make it work somehow and Dirk/Nash are reunited.
    That line up will be scary, especially since Dirk can grab more rebounds than Amar'e. And Dirk will finally have a good traditional center to play defense/grab boards. Robin is a way better frontline mate than Diop, Gooden, Haywood, and Dampier that Dirk had in the past seasons. Hill is a great perimeter defender too.

    I'm a Lakers fan so I would like to see Bosh come for a Bynum sign and trade, but that means everyone (Kobe, Pau, Bosh) have to sacrifice shots, which kind of scares me looking at the 04' roster.

    So Bosh is better suited for LeBron, and Cavs need to find a way to sign and trade Jamison/Hickson for Bosh, since I don't see LeBron going to Bulls.

    Amar'e joins D Wade in Miami. I wouldn't be surprised to see Boozer go to the Wizards for the money cuz the Nets are saving their cap space for the Summer of Melo next year.

  • Podgie

    I'm going to agree with KD. I think D-Wade is going to stay in Miami, I think Bosh might join him in Miami too (which would make them a force once again). As for LeBron, it’s probably going to be either Chicago or Cleveland… but I don't know. Oh and I hope Rudy Gay stays in Memphis too.

  • leojan

    where's lebron?

  • Goyettejonathan

    Lebron with derrick rose in chicago…….wade and boozer in miami …….. dirk in dallas…… bosh to LA

  • Matt L

    Durant, you are the man – COME TO NY!!!

  • Joe Walters

    I like the rumor of Ray Allen or David Lee joining the Thunder, however, I think Kyle Korver could be a nice cheaper pick up to be the weak side 3 point shooter OKC could use. Mo Pete could possibly be the guy, we all know Presti knows his stuff. Who ever it is KD, this up coming season has some huge expectations especially if some of the big names in the west, migrate east. I expect you guys to be in the top 4 in the West. Will look forward to the games I go to for sure.

  • Jesse

    Lebron: Cleveland
    Wade&Bosh: Miami
    Amare&Johnson: Knicks
    Dirk: Dallas
    Lee: Chicago


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