I’m in China!


What’s good everyone? James Harden, myself and my folks from Nike are on a mini tour of China right now. Like I promised, I’m checking in with you guys from the other side of the globe, which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

I’m over here promoting my shoes and getting acquainted with as many basketball fans as I can, just getting to know who they are and telling them all about the Thunder. I just want to put our name out there a little bit more and also experience something new, and this is the perfect way to do it. I think this will be a good thing for me, the Thunder and my sneakers and hopefully everything goes well. I had a lot of fun over here last year, when I went to Hong Kong.

This year I’m in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. I’ll be signing autographs and maybe shooting a few hoops, but it’s more about getting close and personal with the fans, just spending time with them, you know?

As far as the food goes, I love Chinese food and I want to try some new things over here. As long as it doesn’t make me sick! James has never been here so it’s been cool to take it all in with him. My dad’s here, too, and when we arrived to Beijing the other day we all went out to eat at this really nice restaurant called Domus.

But right now I’m still trying to get acclimated to the time change. It takes almost a day to travel here, and there’s a 12 hour time difference from D.C. By the time this goes up on my site for everyone in the States, I’ll probably be sleeping.

Here are some photos from the trip so far. I’ll try to post some more pictures and some video from my trip soon. If you’re in China and interested in keeping track of my tour, make sure you check out Nike Basketball’s RenRen Page.

Anyhow, I’ll hit y’all later. THUNDER UP!


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  • Nile Meng

    lol, enjoy your trip!!!!

  • sheree

    i wanna come….

  • Niashara23

    Yay you made it there safe! =) Cant wait till you come back tho but I hope you have uber fun in china and get my custom Kd's 4 1/2 sir thanks…lol

  • niashara23

    Yay you made it there safe! =) Cant wait till you come back tho but I hope you have uber fun in china and get my custom Kd's 4 1/2 sir thanks…lol

  • cmaridoll

    so happy you made it there safely kd! have fun and take pics and i pray that you make it home safely

  • http://twitter.com/cmaridoll carline mari

    i'm happy that you made it safely and it is nice to know that you and jhard is having a blast..take pics and i will pray for you guys safe return..hit me up on twitter kd…love ya!!!! #1 REALest fan

  • Japatian

    Mr. Durant! I am glad you are having fun!!! I see you are not tweeting as much but I guess that mean you are staying busy and interacting with the fans out there! Keep us updated! When you are free…come to NYC n show us some LOOOVE! =)
    Follow me on Twitter guys @Japatian

  • andy

    hook 'em!

    wow, didn't know you were here. domus is pretty nice, yeah. did you get to shoot down at the dongdan courts in beijing? it's the closest thing to rucker they have in china.

  • :)

    i love you KD please come to sg soon!!!!! i wanna see you so badly :(

  • Chris Tow

    Hey Kevin,

    I'm from the States and I'm in Beijing as well. If you and James want to hoop out here in Beijing let me know. I know a good court and some great basketball fans.

    mobile: 13681575356

    If you brought 2K with you even better, I've missed that game since I've been out here.


  • http://www.worldhero3000.com BONNIE BODEN


  • http://www.worldhero3000.com BONNIE BODEN

    Hey Kevin

    What do you think of this??? Crazy???? http://twitpic.com/1tuvob


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