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What’s good everyone? We had a little bit of a let down last night against the Warriors. Tonight will be another big game because we have the same record as the Blazers and need a win against them to stay ahead in the seeding for the playoffs. Make sure you tune in and check us out tonight!

Well, the college basketball season is officially over, but I really haven’t talked much about women’s basketball. Since I was just watching the WNBA Draft the other day, let’s talk about the lady ballers.

First off, I’m a big fan of basketball no matter who’s playing — women, men, young kids. Being drafted into the NBA, I know that’s a big thing for anybody to be able to go into the profession they’ve always wanted to go to. So to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when they heard their names called during the WNBA Draft was something I enjoyed.

I’ve got a couple of friends who were drafted that I got to know over the years from playing basketball, too. Monica Wright, she went to UVA and we’re from the same area. Tina Charles went to the University of Connecticut and Jayne Appel from Stanford, we all played in the same McDonalds All American game. So it was cool to see them get drafted.

We were playing the Utah Jazz the night of the women’s championship game, but I did get to catch the National Semi-Finals. Man, those were some good games. Brittney Griner from Baylor is real good and a lot of fun to watch. But UConn had a better team and they prevailed. So it was something else to see them win two titles in a row and not lose a game in two years.

UConn is one of the top teams I’ve ever seen. A 78-game winning streak??? That’s impossible to do. Definitely one of the top 10 teams I’ve ever seen.

What did you all think? Let me know in the comments section.


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  • nakaida

    i loved it glad to finally here a man who likes women's basketball kevin great job

  • Joe

    i'm all for the wnba…but what do you think about what david stern said, that women could be playing in the nba soon?

  • Benti,


    Is your argument that it is still good basketball? I understand that the UCONN Woman's basketball streak is impressive and I understand the hard work these ladies put into their sport, but a play in the tournament really caught my eye. In the Regional Finals a woman from the Xavier Basketball team missed two or three (can't remember the number) wide open lay-ups that would have tied the game. A top player in their sport shouldn't miss easy opportunities, yet that's what happens in Woman's basketball all the time. It's why scoring is low, not because of defense but because of poor offense. It's why I love the NBA more than College Basketball. You guys punish poor defense with fantastic shooting and the ability to drive and draw the fouls. College Basketball, on the other hand, can get away with poor defense because for the most part kids can't hit their shots.

    Brittney Griner is an incredible physical specimen, I'll give them that and the UCONN woman's basketball team is impressive. However, their is no parity and the basketball isn't very good. Congrats to your friends who are going to play in WNBA or WNCAA, but I won't be watching anytime soon.


  • brionna

    when i was younger i didnt know much about womens basketball because everyone around watched mens. now that i am older i prefer womens because it makes no sense to watch NBA games if i cant play in them. i think womens basketball is under-rated and when i get to that point i my life where i will be able to say i play in the WNBA i dont want my skills to be judge as a women, i want to be judge as a basketball player.

  • yan from china

    i like your thoughts, basketball is an attitude,no boundary out there

  • chris m

    i was at the game yesterday KD rootin for yall!!! man i was gettin harrassed all game but it was defitinately worth it! i can say i watched a future hall of famer…….. good luck tonite kd

  • Kim

    Thank you so much for sharing your comments on women's hoops! Most men completely ignore the women's game! As much as I am a Tennessee Lady Vols fan, I have to agree with you on UCONN's amazing winning streak and topping it all off with 2 titles! Got to be one of the best ever accomplishments in all of basketball, perhaps all of sports!

    I watched the WNBA draft as well and just hope one day the draft will get an evening time slot with more hype! These women work so hard just like the men do and they deserve a special evening in prime-time. The women's game is making a lot of strides and I believe one day they will get more respect! Thanks for bringing some positive attention to the women's game!

  • Donia Naylor

    I think it was great to watch alot of women that I grew up playing with go to the WNBA. Maybe in 2012, me and my class will have a oppurtunity to go to the WNBA. Yes c/o 08 Archbiship carroll class mates and Anacostia in DC. wE GOT this and I would love to see 2013 do it big as well.

    Donia Naylor

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  • Ana Subramaniam

    yeah they are definitely amazing and glad they won the title 2 yrs in a row!!

  • Ana Subramaniam

    no one cares what u think! they would whip your ass and u know it so don't be a hater!!!!

  • keenanmartin

    I was very inspired by the UCONN women and even wrote a poem about them. They are amazing and I just can't wait to see them achieve the goal of 88 straight. I'm excited just thinking about it Durant!

  • Bob Stanke

    KD – Thanks for giving props to the lady hoops! I agree with you, I am a hoops fan no matter who is playing. I follow the Lynx as much as I can, and needless to say, we are excited to have Lindsey Whalen back in Minnesota!

  • Woman Baller

    You know you say Benti that women miss lay-ups but you fail to mention that men do the same thing and even worse easy dunks but hey instead of supporting a sport, you have the need to put it down. I wonder can you play? or are you one those that could'nt play so he'll criticize!! You should try to go practice with these girls who you say are'nt any good I'm sure you'll change your tune after you cant keep up or better yet get hit with something vicious!!

  • stacey

    Uconn't beat Uconn


    Benti ….i bet u cant play worth crap …and any WNBA player will beat u 12-0 u wouldn't stand a chance….. its always the ones who put down another that cant hang……. and for the record dummy every NBA player has missed a lay-up in there life time even MJ23,KD35,LJ23 and many more have missed dunks and lay-up and hell there are 7 feet tall and get millions so y can they miss?….smh……………..if u dont know about basketball stay off comments…. smh…………u turd


    but KD35 gook looking out on the women's basketball love,,,,, they need the love they work just as hard as you guys thanks man ………….they need supporters not haters ………………………like a few people on your comments………………………….. smh……..

  • Shell

    It's refreshing to see someone of your stature sending positive comments on the women's game. So many men feel threatened I guess, judging from all the nasty remarks. Thanks Kevin & best of luck in your career!

  • Shell

    It's very refreshing to see positive comments from a great player like you! Judging from some of the comments there are a lot of men who feel threatened by the gals game & post some really dumb comments! Thanks Kevin & best of luck to you in what will surely be an awesome career!

  • quem

    KD…very nice and inspiring comments on Womens basketball and WNBA. They all work hard for a fraction of the money are far fewer teams = fewer opportunities. Good Job, KD!

  • Yolanda LePley

    Wonderful to see a guy talking about the WNBA that is a real boost to our players and teams. Thanks

  • cptcnoteokc

    We're still with you KD! We know it's a grind with all the ball yall play.
    Your a great leader and diplomat for us here in OKC. I can't wait to be in Loud City when we have our first playoff game EVER!! We'll be there for you guys when you need some extra energy.(We took some notes from the Portland game last night. Those fans are crazy, but I don't have to tell you!)
    Big ups to you and the team/coaches for all you hard work and continued improvement.
    On the subject of Women's B-Ball…I follow the OU girls and watch most of their TV games. They had a great year but Stanford was too big for our players. We also have a WNBA team now in Tulsa, so I'll follow them to.
    Now lets go steal home-court from The Lakers and bring it back home 1-1!!
    Say it with me…”BEAT L-A!! BEAT L-A…”
    ps Are The Broington's gonna do some more videos after the playoffs? That stuff is GREAT!!

  • Monica

    Nice post…

  • ladellewis

    I concur. Great basketball is not gender based, so we should not insinuate that it is. With the WNBA and the WBCBL ( around to showcase top notch women players, female athletics will be around for a long time and continue to serve as a role model for our children (especially our impressionable young ladies).

  • JonDaK

    Ron Artest can't make layups. He does play like a girl.

  • Nichole

    UConn is bad team(in a good way). I was just as surprised when i saw how many games they won, i was in awe. Maya Moore, Tina Charles, Monica Wright, Kelsey Griffin, and Jayne Appel are some of my favorite women basketball players. I know they are gonna do big things in the WNBA…buhlee dat! It is nice to know that u too appreciate womens basketball and by posting this im sure you're female fan base has increased. Cant wait until you guys play in the playoffs!

  • Przemek

    yo Kev. I'm writin from poland. huge fan of the whole organization since mid 90s. i just wanna say you guys did terrific job this season. it feels great to see you guys playin with such confidence. show 'em hell in the playoffs! all the best!

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