It’s March Madness Time!


What’s going on everyone? Are you all ready for March Madness? I know I am. We’ve got this three-game road trip coming up but course I’ll be keeping an eye on this year’s Big Dance.

And after some exciting conference tournaments, this looks like it’s going to be a tough bracket. There’s a lot of good teams that can give other teams some big problems. I always like to watch the eighth and ninth seed games and the 5-12 games. They’re always good so we’ll see how they go down.

As far as some of the more intriguing matchups of the tournament, you can mark me down for Louisville-Cal, Temple-Cornell and, of course, Texas-Wake Forest. I think those will all be worth watching. And I think the second round games are going to be a real joy to watch, too.

As far as the Final Four goes, I’m going to roll with all the top seeds, so Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky and Duke. I expect to see you all playing in Indy. I’ve got Kansas-Kentucky in the title game, and my National Champion will be….Kansas! Yeah, that’s right, I’m going with the Jayhawks. First off, they’re from the Big 12, they’ve got a ton of weapons and they’ll pose a lot of matchup problems.

These are my picks off the top of my head. I’m going to fill out the rest of my bracket ASAP. And I’m sure we’ll be chatting about the Tournament as it unfolds.

So who do you guys have winning it all? Any major upsets? Games I shouldn’t miss. Let me know!


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  • Elizabeth

    I'm going for Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and Syracuse too in the Final Four, but I do believe that Kentucky will win it all.. I mean they have the three best freshmen DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall and Eric Bledsoe and they always find a way to win. I mean the Big 12 is good and all but the SEC will be taking it home this year.. LETS GO KENTUCKY

  • David

    the mizzou clemson game should be a real gem kd

  • joshberkenmeyer

    #WeAreUK Go Big Blue!!!!!

  • Jordan Wright

    I have Kentucky, K-State, Kansas, and Villanova in the final 4…i agree with the championship game, but i have Kentucky winning it all, i'm a Big 12 fan also, but you have to like the talent of the freshman

  • tremayne

    First, Kentucky has just THE best freshman in John Wall, not the THREE best. Actually I think Kentucky will lose in the second round to Texas. They have the talent to do it, that would be the biggest upset and i think it will happen so look out for that game if they can get past the first round. Possible Final Four is Kansas, Pitt, Nova and West Virginia.

  • missguess1

    hey u posted something on twitter about wanting to rap.. let me know wassup

  • boboliverokc

    Kd I applaud you and the team on a great year ….

  • bigbluenation

    I was right with you until your Champion pick!!! KENTUCKY WILL BE THE WINNER!!!

  • bigbluenation

    I was with you until your final pick. Kentucky will be the 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!

  • Nichole

    I think that Kentucky, Syracuse, Villanove, and Kansas will make it to the Final Four and i agree with you about Kentucky and Kansas playing in the title game and…Kentucky being the National Champion!!!! Yeah, that's right!

  • Evan

    Houston over Maryland (sorry), Cornell over Temple, Mizzou over Clemson, St Marys over Richmond, UTEP over Butler…

    Book it!

  • cashley32

    Come on KD, you know we gon' upset UK in that 2nd round!

  • cashley32

    Also, I got Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia and Baylor. Kansas over West Virginia. Big XII represntin'! We'll get that first title soon enough, def could've used KD in his senior year this year ;)

  • BasketballFiend

    I'm rolling with Syracuse. Big East was strong this year and I think they'll carry that domination into the tournament. I also have West Virginia in the Final Four. I think Kentucky and Duke will get knocked off in the middle rounds.

  • Lee

    hey i KD i hope u got ur school beating wake lol in the 1st rd??

  • KT

    I only have Kansas living up to their ranking. I am not a fan of Duke so I hope they'll lose to Louisville/Cal….even better Arkansas/Winthrop :) . I have West Virginia going all the way.

  • philKDfan

    How about 'Nova? Think they'll make it far?

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  • bob

    Hey kevin durant havent seen to many highlights from you over here, but those stats are great, oh wait i saw the one where you blocked the dude without a shoe, that was freaking sweet man

    “Sometimes a man finds his destiny on the path he chose to avoid it”

    all the way from australia.


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