Is Everyone Ready for Christmas?!?!


What’s going on everyone? It was another tough one for me and the team last night. We just have to get back to work and find a way to bounce back. Keep supporting us and sending us words of encouragement.

We’re getting close to Christmas. Has everyone gotten their Christmas shopping done yet? I’m about get on that.

The only person I got a gift for so far is my brother. We’re on this long road trip and we’ve got an off day today in L.A. so that’s probably when I’m going to do most of my shopping. I’ve never been a big Christmas shopper, not until I got into the league. I’ve got to shop for my mom, my grandmother and…I’ll leave the other one on the low. I’ve got to get something for my dad and my two close friends. I’m going to have one of my friends go with me and give me a little bit of flavor.

I’ve usually asked people what they want these last three years. People are like, ‘you don’t have to buy me anything, just give me some money.’ That’s the easiest thing I can do, I guess. But I want to go Christmas shopping so I can pick out some things I think my family would like, and I think that’s pretty cool. I like to go out and surprise my family, like my mom did for me. I’ve got a lot to make up for what she got me for Christmas but hopefully I get it done and it should be fun. It’s always fun going shopping for family. I know my mom’s style. She’s big on purses and boots and coats and stuff. I’ve got a lot to do.

I might get myself something. I’m going to start now. I may not get it until the end of this season or summer but it’s going to be my Christmas gift.

I already have a Christmas tree at my house, though. These ladies who help decorate some houses did it for me. Just the inside of my house is decorated. I don’t have any lights outside. It’s just a Christmas tree, some lights inside. It’s nice. I like the whole Christmas spirit. I missed it last season because I think we had to go to Detroit. Probably in the next couple of days we’re going to start putting some gifts under the tree. On Christmas Day we’ll have a big dinner. I think my grandma’s coming out, my dad, my little brother in high school will probably come out. We play the Bobcats the next day so I might invite D.J. Augustine over, my best friend in the league, so it should be a good little time. My guy Jimbo, he cooks for the whole team, so he might come over and cook a nice meal for us.

Oh, and I love Christmas music. I don’t know why but I just feel good when I have Christmas music on. That’s something I’ve always loved.

I have so many memories from Christmas from when I was a kid. I remember when I was eight, I woke up and there was no tree, nothing. Man, I cried the whole day. My mother said she couldn’t afford to give us Christmas. My grandmother came and picked us up and took us to the movies and said this was our Christmas present. I was like, dang. I went to my aunt’s house and that’s where all my Christmas presents were. So I love Christmas because I just like to see people happy, especially since we had some tough times growing up and a couple of my relatives passed away. It was always tough for us growing up. It was my mom, me and my brother and of course as a kid you wanted a lot of stuff and was kind of greedy. Sometimes we had Christmas, most of the time we did, but there were a couple of times we didn’t. I remember I used to always make my Christmas list right after Thanksgiving. I used to ask for games, a lot of Sega games. My mom brought my PlayStation for the first time, I remember that. I used to mainly get shoes, clothes and video games.

One of the coolest gifts I received was a Michael Jordan jersey. I was in eighth grade and he played for the Wizards, and I had some Timberland boots that matched. The Wizards had the brown in their jerseys and I had some tan boots and I was fresh going to school. Everybody was like, dang that’s a nice little outfit you got on. So that was probably one of the best.

What about you guys? What are some of the coolest Christmas gifts you have given or received? And do you all like Christmas music, too?

Merry Christmas everyone!


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  • Michael Wiley

    KD keep your head up. It's 82 games. Merry Christmas!

  • TheJayBeasty

    its aight u guys will mak da playoofs and do great!

    I Wish you your team your family and ever1 else a happy maerry CHRISTMAS

  • rob wolz

    hey kevin, be strong, you have many loyal fans out there. enjoy your day off and get some shopping done.. the malls are a blast…haha

    see you back in okc saturday nite…thunderup!!

  • Deanna Jennings

    I love Christmas music. Do you know that Magic 104.1 in OKC plays christmas music all day everyday from around Thanksgiving?

  • adam7251

    I can't wait to see you play in the playoffs kevin…. You guys have a great coach and I'm sure you'll figure it out. Enjoy the rest before you play the Lakers, and enjoy the Christmas season. God Bless!

  • kd4mvp


  • kd4mvp

    i cant wait till you win the finals mvp this year

  • pregier

    U truely are one of the Greatest. From a fan in 314.

  • Paul Regier

    U truely are one of the greatest. Fan in 314. God bless u and your family. And have a Merry chirstmas.

  • Unknown

    you have such a good heart. many blessings will come your way in many ways possible. keep the faith and remember the man upstairs will never let you down. with peace and love. your number one fan.

  • tammymanek

    You have a big heart. Thank you for giving back to the kids in Oklahoma. You and the Thunder are doing better than anyone ever dreamed you would. Keep up the hard work. Get your shopping done and have the best Christmas ever. God bless you and yours.

  • Aaron Dolan

    I got a Christmas story for you. It was the Christmas when the Sony PS2 came out and they were in short supply. Apparently, Sony didn't know how big the demand would be and they just didn't produce enough. They had 100s for sale on that would sell it seconds. My mom knew that's what I wanted for Christmas so she tried the Amazon route but couldn't get it. She went to every video game store and electronic store within a 2 hour drive of my house and she found one. She paid over $600 for one when they retailed somewhere around $299. I saw all the buzz surrounding how hard it was to get one and I figured my mom couldn't get one for me. I was surprised when I opened my presents to find a PS2 of my own.

  • Monday Bolts – 12.21.09 | Daily

    [...] Kevin Durant writing about Christmas: “One of the coolest gifts I received was a Michael Jordan jersey. I was in eighth grade and he played for the Wizards, and I had some Timberland boots that matched. The Wizards had the brown in their jerseys and I had some tan boots and I was fresh going to school. Everybody was like, dang that’s a nice little outfit you got on. So that was probably one of the best.” [...]

  • Tyler T

    Hey Kevin,
    Merry Christmas first of all. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday week. Goodluck in L.A., and Phx. All I want for christmas is a pair of those Creamsicle KD2's size 12. Merry Christmas and have a safe trip.

  • Jeetu

    Wow man, I just discovered your blog. I'm 22, live and go to grad school in Cali, trying to become a lawyer. I've been a huge NBA fan since I was like 6. Your really doing your thing this year, I think everyone saw it coming. 28 PPG thats so sick I wouldn't be surprised if you won 5 scoring titles the next decade. I really think in 5 years you and Lebron will be two most dominant superstars. And the Thunder man, you got the NBA talking about you guys this year, everyones saying in a few years you guys will be the team to beat. Such a fun team to watch play. By the way, you know how your talking about your tims and the jordan jersey. The first day of school I wore the Oklahoma Thunder Away Kevin Durant jersey with matching Durant's on the feet. I make music and I even put a line about that outfit in my song. I love how the Durant nike's say 35 on em and how they match the jersey. Anyways man, keep doing your thing on the court, I want to see the Thunder in the playoffs this year!

    This was the first post I read but I will def read more in the future. Hmm, christmas, I'm not too into xmas music there always playing it at starbucks when I'm studying, I guess its good to do work to. But the best gift I've ever received, my parents bought me a GO PED once, a motorized scoooter, that was cool because I really wanted one.

  • TempBoyBrandon

    another great blog post, KD.. i really liked hearing about your Christmases when you were little.. have fun shopping!

    like everyone else is saying, you have such a great heart and we love you here in Oklahoma.. i know you guys are gonna go on a nice winning spree to close out the year.. we're proud of you guys.. keep up the hard work.. oh, and i LOVE Christmas music! it's my favorite time of the year, i just love the Christmas spirit.. like someone else said, i listen to 104.1 here in OKC cause they play nonstop Christmas music..

    God bless you, KD, and have a great Christmas!


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