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What’s up everybody? We had a day off yesterday, but I made sure to get up and hit the weights. Everyday I wake up, I want to make sure I’m doing something to help me get better.

In the afternoon I went Christmas shopping with some local kids in Oklahoma city. It was a lot of fun. I love giving back to those less fortunate than myself. Speaking of Christmas and giving back, make sure to come to my giving tree event next week. It will be another opportunity to spread the Christmas spirit and give back to our OKC community.

By now I’m sure all of you know that I’m really into all kinds of music. But not all of you may know that I like to make music, too.

Really, I’m not even sure how it came about. I basically woke up one day and decided I wanted to make beats. I was such a big fan of music and I was always curious on how they made it, the steps they went through to make it and I started researching it on YouTube and seeing how guys make beats. A lot of guys back at home, they do their music as well so I was really curious. So I bought myself a little beat machine and I tried to figure that out. I figured it out and then it became a passion of mine. Of course I’m not as good at it as other people are, but it’s something I like to do for fun. And last year when Joe Smith came out here he was a big music guy. He makes his own CDs and raps a lot — Joe Beast is his name — and he got me going more into it and I was having fun doing it and just kept it going from there.

mpc2000xl-se1-bigI bought my first beat machine, a MPC-2000, two summers ago. I know how to make it sound at least decent together and I was just hitting buttons and it was sounding okay. It was something that kind of grew on me and I’ve had fun ever since. It’s fun to work. I have a keyboard, it’s called a Motif keyboard. I got at least 20, 30 beats on there that I made myself. Hopefully I get a chance to let people hear them, see what they think. Like I said, I’m just starting out, just having fun. It’s nothing I’m trying to get into real seriously but it’s something I like to do and I have fun doing it. Like I said I’ve got 20 to 30 beats on that keyboard and it’s something that when I want to clear my mind from things I go in there, put my headphones on and just play the keys.

I’d rather be on the production side of things and making beats and giving input on songs than rapping. That’s fun as well, too, just to play around. Me and my buddies do that, just play around in the studio, just get on beats, rap on beats, but I’d rather be on the production side and make a track from the beginning. I’d like to do that.

I’ve got a studio spot in my house but it’s small, nothing serious. I have a mic, a keyboard, a MPC. I just record there, make beats there. It’s fun.

And I like a lot of different beat makers. Not sure if you guys have heard of him, but I like a guy named Bangladesh, Scott Storch, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Timbaland, Polo tha Don. There’s a lot of guys that I really like and listen to and look up to as far as music makers. There’s a guy, Kane Beats, me and him are cool. He’s from Orlando but he lives in Atlanta. He’s a guy that’s coming up and I listen to his music a lot. He’s been doing pretty well.

I’m a big fan of the Neptunes and the music they make and the craft they have, it’s unique. I’d love to get in the studio and watch them make beats. That’s one thing I’m going to try to do more of and hopefully get to know some of those guys and just kick it with them and see how they do their thing.

I know how hard it is to work on the basketball court. I want to see how hard they work in the studio.

But I just make beats more for myself. I’ve got to get more confidence to get them out to people. But once I feel that my sound is okay that’s when I’ll start giving them to people and let them rap over them. One of my buddies rapped over one of my beats and it sounded pretty good, so we’ll go from there.

I’ve also got some stuff on my Mac, too. I use the keys on the laptop to make beats as well. I do that on the plane a lot. I’ve made a few nice beats on there but it’s tougher to do it on a keyboard on a laptop than it is on a real keyboard. But like I said, it’s a lot of fun. It kind of clears my mind from things. If I’ve had a bad game or we lose, or if I’m going through anything I just let the music play and it mellow me out.

So what do y’all think? Would you rather be a producer or an MC? Who are your favorite beat makers? Let me know in my comments section.


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  • Matt Johns

    Kevin Durant….please be the next Kayne….minus the attitude. You would be amazing!

  • big8beezy

    can we hear some beats????

  • http://walkingonthesunseries.blogspot.com/ Willie Beamen

    That's what's up! Ever since I started living with my producers a few years back, the art of production intrigues me but I'd much rather be an MC; beatmaking seems like brain surgery to me lol!

  • http://blog.laundrigo.com/ Tal Baron

    Hey KD, ever heard of Fruity Loops or FL Studios? Much like you I was always interested in music and making beats so I got this computer program that I learned over time and it can do some pretty cool things. Over the years, I've made about 30-40 beats from this program and much like you, I use it as an outlet from everything else. Here is the website if you want to check it out: http://flstudio.image-line.com. Big fan of yours and hope to hear your beats soon!

  • Simon

    you cant go wrong with the heatmakerz, just blaze, Polow da don, also gotta represent my bay area dudes Rick Rock and Traxamillion.

  • elbekim

    How's it goin Kevin?
    I'm a big fan of your game even though I'm a diehard Sixers fan, OKC is my other team because you guys are comin up quick!

    Anyways it's awesome to hear that you make beats. I myself have an MPC 2500 and I was actually signed to G-Unit for a while but now I'm more focused on school and family.

    I have a lot of beatmaking youtube videos online and if u happened to catch any lemme know! I know your probably incredibly busy but if you have the time look me up on youtube by just searching “Elbe Kim”.

    also check me out@

    Thanks for your time and best of luck this season!

    If you like what you hear let me know!

  • http://twitter.com/E_Diddy_84 E_Diddy_84

    Have u seen this youtube vid for the I am @NBTPAIN contest? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SuOxH8ftJk RT if you like it. :)

  • devonlittle

    I'd rather be on the production side for sure. I love making music. I also love the Neptunes. Their work on Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury is just amazing. I love how original and unique their beats are, especially songs like Momma I'm So Sorry and Ride Around Shining, so different than anything that is out there. As far as producers go, I love Madlib and J Dilla, and I love Pimp C's production on the earlier UGK albums, especially Ridin' Dirty, classic album. And DJ Premier of course. I've been wanting to get an MPC for a while but can't afford it yet. I play guitar and bass, so I love making music, and I have a huge appreciation for Hip-Hop, and would love to start making beats. Keep up the beat making KD! Hopefully we can hear some tunes from ya soon!

  • Jai

    Great post. I love to make beats too. I only do it on the software side though…. I use Ableton live and Logic on my mac. Check out MF Doom's Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain. Pretty weird beats.

  • jeremiahxii

    Velvet Hoop is the best in the rap game, but Fog Raw, Ice-O, and Chief Blocka are all quality as well. The world needs more Velvet Hoop rhymes. “Velvet Hoop wristband full of loot”

  • cptcnoteokc

    I'm an artist/musician/amateur engineer. I play lots of different types of instruments, but my pride and joy is a 2001 Korg Triton Pro 76 key Music Station w/ sequencer (aka… Kick-butt keyboard!! )
    I recently bought a new house in Bethany and started my home studio using Pro Tools LE w/ DigiDesign 001 interface. We'll master our tracks with Soundlab software, do the album art ourselves, and then send to CDbaby.com to distribute worldwide, digitally. (technology rulz!!)
    ps The Broingtons have to do “On a Boat” by:Lonely Island!! Please! Its would be viral on the web, I promise!
    pps GO THUNDER!!! Watch out for Memphis, they be scrappy, yo!!

  • MATT

    Thats whatsup man I love beats. Its cool to just ride around to them sometimes. I seen your list of different beat makers and liked all them, but didnt see Alchemist on that list. Not sure if you have heard of him before but hes seriously got some of the sickest beats my ears have ever had the privilege of listening to. Check him out if you havent, definetly worth a listen. Keep doing ur thing KD!

  • kyeags11

    What up KD,

    If you got any beats man, me and my group LOSTboys would love to hop on em man. We had one of the most played songs on the radio (in OKC) stolen from us, called “O-Walk”. They took the beat and made it their own. Anyways, hit us by e-mail or go to our myspace.

    E-Mail – kyeags11@yahoo.com

    myspace – http://www.myspace.com/lostboys405

  • idk559


  • offBEAT

    yeah I'm down to hear them beats…i drop beats on acoustic drums, but hopefully i'll have an mpc soon so I can join all the mpc'ers and make some hot beats with it.

  • colbygroves

    Look up j dilla. He'll change your life. Both his music (beats) and his life story. Big with people like q tip common the roots.

  • http://twitter.com/ESPJoshua Joshua Wilson

    That is very cool that you are into making beats. I have played guitar for about 13 years. I also play drums and bass. I have recorded guitar on a few rap tracks here and there for some local artists, just a little something extra to make the sound really pop out for them. I don't really listen to rap at all myself, but it was very interesting to see how those guys do it. There is definitely a lot of talent there. Where most people would think it's tough to play the guitar, I can't imagine coming up with some of the lyrics and words these guys do completely on the spot! I will definitely stick with what I do and leave the lyrics and rapping to someone else! LOL Anyway, if you ever need some guitars, live drums or bass on any of your tracks just hit me up on my email. espjoshua@gmail.com I live here in Oklahoma City.

  • nicknugget

    KD I'm a huge Nuggets fan but I gotta say you are probably my favorite player in the league. That's a big compliment considering you guys are gonna be challenging us for the division very soon and I'll have to cheer against you! As far as beats, Anthony (Ant) Davis, the man behind Atmosphere. He's legit. Keep it real KD!

  • paul graziano

    Hay you need to hook up with my son and thier group he is playing ball at arkansas little rock we live here in okc. The name of thier group is the Lostboys they just did a song with tech 9. You might want to hook up with the guys this summe whin they get home from collage. you can check them out on my space lostboys okc or lostboys.

  • Bishop

    Wow KD, I had no idea you make beats. I make beats myself even though i wanted to be a basketball player at first. I felt more comfortable making beats though. You don't have a myspace page with your beats on it?

  • http://informationaboutcaves.awardspace.info Akif

    Thats really great to know that you make beats. looking forward for our friendship!

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  • BeatFien

    Since you like beats, you would like this channel

  • jalen hoang

    I’m a 12 yr old up coming rap artist from philly, check out my tracks

  • jalen hoang

    hey kevin, I auditioned for that sprint commercial but didnt book it. I’m a 12 yr old up coming rap artist from philly. Please check out my original tracks. maybe oneday we can work on something together!


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