Thinking about Thanksgiving


What’s up everybody? Thanksgiving is only a few hours away and I’m ready to eat, spend time with friends and family and just chill.

Tomorrow will be about friends, family, food and even some basketball. I’m just going to be here in Oklahoma City enjoying the off day with some of my teammates and brothers. That’s about it. Same thing as last year. I’ll enjoy a good meal with my teammates and get ready for my game on Friday. I’ll probably go to the gym tomorrow, lift some weights, get some shots in and then enjoy the rest of my day off.

Russell said he’ll come through and I’ll go over James’ house. I’ll just move over from James, Jeff and Russell’s house throughout the day. It’ll be fun.

Growing up, Thanksgiving for me was having all my family be at my Aunt’s house. All the kids, there was about 20 of us, We’d play football in the front yard and wait for the food to be cooked. Either the Cowboys or Redskins would play and we’d watch that. Thanksgiving was always big in our family.

As far as favorite Thanksgiving Day foods go, my Aunt used to cook this macaroni and cheese. It was unbelievable. Different than anything I’ve ever had before. I don’t know how to describe It except that it was extra cheesy.

Oh yeah, and about those Redskins. I know they’ve had a tough season, but they’re still my team. They had a hard loss against the Cowboys on Sunday but we had a good win against Denver the week before so hopefully we can still build off of that.

And even though the ‘Skins won’t be playing tomorrow, it’s always fun watching football on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Talk to you soon.


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  • idk559

    C'mon Durantula, everybody knows that it's all about the RAIDERS!!! lol jk. We've had a bad season too so I know how you feel.

  • donuteyes (NSFW)

    congrats on getting another national television game on ESPN! you and the team deserve the exposure. i know jennings is good, but let's make him leave OKC disappointed…

  • clangus

    Happy Thanks giving KD (although we don't celebrate it over here)

  • Roger

    Man, a Redskins fan…

  • TempBoyBrandon

    loving your blog, KD.. thanks for being such a class act and a great figure for kids in OKC to look up to!

    and i'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, but i respect your love of the Redskins.. you gotta stay true to your team.. i love your loyalty, which is why we're looking forward to many more years of seeing in a Thunder uniform!

    hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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