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What’s good fans? Thanks for all of the great responses to my first blog post. I appreciate the love.

We’re back in OKC today after a good win in Utah last night. It was a good win against a tough, physical Utah team. Great to head into the Thanksgiving Holiday on a good note. And yes, Andrei Kirilenko did dunk on me. Everybody gets dunked on at some point in the NBA. It happens. LOL.

If you follow me on Twitter you know about the new hot music group I’m a part of called the Broingtongs. The Broingtons are me, Jeff and James. We remake music videos. And we’ve got featured guests coming in by Russ and D.J. White.

It’s a group we made up on the fly. We try to make videos of whatever songs we love listening to. Here’s a look at the first video we did a couple of weeks back. It’s a cover of “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz.

We actually sang over top of “Say Ahh’’, but I cut the volume down on our part and put the words over the top of ours to mash it. It’s kind of like I did my editing part. You know I went to school for editing. But we’re just having fun. It was more my idea. We were in Houston when we first did it. It was pretty cool.

Here’s are latest video…”Transform Ya”. Check it out:

Thanks for checking out my second blog post. I’ll be back with another post later this week. Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • audreyld

    You are hilarious.

  • http://twitter.com/drmccarty Darrell McCarty

    You guys are funny as crap it's good to see y'all so close it makes good Twitter and it transfers to the court it's alot of fun watching you guys play keep it and GO THUNDER!!!

  • http://kevindurantcollection.webs.com/ Alan

    Love the vids KD! It's nice to see the chemistry between the guys on the team exists even off the courts! Go Thunder!!

  • J-ROD

    Wow…you guys be sure and hang on to your dayjobs! Just a joke..pretty cool and entertaining..keep it up. You need to recruit Serge.

  • diddoff

    It's good to see how the whole squad got better in summer and man that was a great against the Jazz.
    I stood up (3.00 AM in Germany) only for watching another road win and it worked! Thanks for that!

  • http://twitter.com/JaxBileDuct Jax Raging Bile Duct

    I always look forward to these. One day, we'll get a karaoke version. Right?

  • Oneil Hughes

    Lmao Nice Videos..Yall Got Good Team Chemistry.

  • Oneil Hughes

    Lmao Nice Videos..Yall Got Good Team Chemistry.

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  • http://twitter.com/donuteyes donuteyes (NSFW)

    so AK-47 dunked on you… like you said, it happens to everyone. i have a feeling you might dunk on him in the future (and between you and me, you're a much better player).

  • clangus

    love the glasses JH!
    HAHAHHA nice

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OQ2J7Z4IUJQ6C74EIKKVAZC3E4 Josh

    In Bill Walton announcing voice “Break it down big man”

  • cptcnoteokc

    We're all very proud of the ways you cats are playing. Way to be a leader, on and off the court.(Not to mention represent for the OKC!!)
    I'll make you a deal, KD! You Thunder-boys keep playing great team defense and I'll keep getting Thunderware, $8.00 beers, and screamin' my lungs out in Loud City…every chance I get. (weekend package + other single game tix)
    People thought you were crazy when they asked what your goals were this year and you said Playoffs. Guess what…I BELIEVE!!!

    btw…GREAT VIDS!!! keep 'em up!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TUUWHVDX27MFTNQC36KXWRW2FM zara

    you is a big fool man hahaha

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  • sakfdjfalkj


  • Amy Simpson

    You guys make my day… every morning I start my workday by watching you! PERFECTION! ;)

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